Intercepciones de migrants, al alza

Interceptions of undocumented immigrants in vehicles a few miles from the border with Mexico have increased in recent months, according to periodical records.

Different agencies of the order –locales, estatales y federales– of Nuevo México and Texas report the detention of automobiles loaded with immigrants, some of which are conducted by minors in the United States for legal eviencias.

The organizations of human trafficking recruit these people – colloquially called “Ubers” – to pick up undocumented people who have just crossed into the United States and take them to different points: that is, to houses of the colloquially called “Ubers”. , Nuevo Mexico.

Migrants travel packed in vehicles, including those transported in trunks to evade the Border Patrol, which sometimes pursues vehicles causing fatal accidents.

In the most recent case of the interception of migrants, on Thursday a minor –de 15 años– que conducía un a car con undocumentados escondidos en la cajuela chocó when she was pursued by elements of the State Police of Texellaostroos, “.

Nine people were injured when the vehicle they were driving collided with two cars at the intersection of North Mesa and Osborne, a short distance from the police station in El Paso.

The event occurred around 10 a.m. State police attempted to detain a Mercury Grand Marquis blue, which had expired registration, near Montoya Drive and Post Oak Court in Valle Alto, according to a communique from the department of Págicado department. Texas.

El Grand Marquis redujo la velocidad y tres personas corrieron hacia el vecindario cercano.

No obstante, los “troopers” logarron detener al conductor del vehículo. El problema es que mientras realizaban el arresto el Mercury huyó, según narra DPS.

Los policías estatales lanzaron una alerta y el Grand Marquis fue locatizada cargando el tanke de gasoline en el cruce de Doniphan y North Mesa. Cuando un “trooper” wanted to detenerlo, el auto huyó.

En la fuga, el vehículo terminó chocando a otros dos automobiles, a unas cuadras del lugar, en North Mesa y Osborne. Así fue que el car finally se tuvo.

En la escena fue detenida la conductora, una ciudadana norteamericana de 15 años. La Patrulla Borderiza tomó bajo custodia a los migrants: se presumé que eran nueve en condiciones infrahumanas.

Segundo caso en una semana

Last week, an aborted pursuit of an SUV Chevy Tahoe left 2 dead and 10 injured in Santa Teresa, Nuevo México, a few miles from the border.

Dos hermanos mexicanos undocumentados –presuntamente de Juárez– que trabajaban para una organización criminala de tráfico de humanos, transportando migrants desde la frontera hasta Albuquerque, fueron detenidos.

According to official reports, on July 27, 2022, at approximately 4:30 am, agents of the Border Patrol were patrolling Highway 9 in New Mexico near Autopista Pete Domenici in Santa Teresa.

Fue entonces que encontraron a la Chevy Tahoe suspect y la persiguieron. Due to the risk of overturning, the Border Patrol stopped following the SUV, which nevertheless lost control and overturned.

Now the brothers Julio and Jorge García Rascón face two charges for “conspiracy to smuggle illegal immigrants with death as consequence” in the Federal Court of New Mexico.

En una semana, 129 rescatados

For the United States Border Patrol (USBP), the number of migrants intercepted in vehicles in this region is alarming.

Tan sólo en una semana, a principios de July, rescataron -according to his words- a 129 undocumentados en 20 esquemas de contrabando humano.

The most significant of these events occurred on July 10 at 4:00 am, when the agents of the Border Patrol of Las Cruces assigned to the immigration control point I-10 were found with a vehicle of illegal export inspection.

The conductor did not give way to the agents when they tried to stop the vehicle. A vehicle immobilization device was used to stop the Ford Excursion on Highway 549 in New Mexico. Cuando el vehículo se detuvo, los agents observaron que varias personas huían a pie. A search in the area resulted in nine migrants found and a United States citizen, later identified as the driver of the vehicle. Los migrants, who were from Mexico and Guatemala, were evaluated medically and processed accordingly. The conductor was arrested and charged with traffic.

Al día siguiente frustraron un contrabando de personas que resultó en el discovery de siete migrants hacinados inside a Jeep Grand Cherokee. The agents stopped the vehicle near Country Club Road and Westside Drive, in El Paso, and discovered the migrants who were trying to hide, along with a driver and an accomplice passenger.

On July 12, agents of the Border Patrol in Deming discovered four vehicles that were traveling in tandem, on State Highway 146 in New Mexico, with a total of 21 contraband migrants. Todos los individuos were from Mexico and Guatemala and fueron evaluated medically and then expelled under Title 42. Los cuatro conductores were from Mexico.

Later that same day, agents of various corporations interrupted a plan to smuggle people that began near Country Club Road in Santa Teresa. The encounter led to a parade of vehicles that took place near Country Club Road and Love Road, in El Paso, Texas, which resulted in the discovery of nine contraband migrants inside a truck. Los migrants de Ecuador, México y Guatemala fueron expulsados ​​​​a México bajo el Título 42. El conductor, de México, enfrentará cargos estatales.

On July 13, a truck was found at the intersection of Sunland Park Drive and Doniphan Drive. A vehicle stop was conducted that resulted in the discovery of seven migrants together with the undocumented driver. El Departamento de Seguridad Pública de Texas took the custody of the conductor and faced state charges.