Invaden derecho de vaa de acequia

We believe that the Junta Municipal de Agua and Sanamiento (JMAS) and the National Commission of Agua (Conagua) have received reports of the discharge of water from the causeway of Bravo that corresponds to the urban urban – academy of laraento en laraelas, unid Riego 009 informed that one of the main problems is the violation of the canal from the canal, about all the zona centers.

“There are a lot of effects in the canal because they are completely occupied, invasive, and it is very difficult to get the infrastructure, because it is invisible”, because it is the first conscience of the day. de conserados. .

“The canal has a distance of 16 meters from the eje, a cada lado, and the fincas are in the race of acequia”, agregó.

Martín Murillo, Jefe del Rito de Riego 009 de la Conagua, confirmed that the canal, or Mother’s Receipt, required this longitudinal to the limboza trap.

“In this case, the infrastructure is conventional to the Primera Unidad, who are the first to declare the same, or who are the only ones who have improved the infrastructure of the infrastructure”, said Murillo.

The invasion of this special need for the maintenance of the escrow is visible in the different points of the zona center, like the calles Juan Mata Ortiz, Oro or Plata, in the Bellavista colony, there are several seas that have been obstructed.

“This is the past, not the car, the gente, but when we know that there is no land, we will tell all the people that we live that we are, that we will do something or that there is no passage (…) Ahí infante by a limpiar el canal y adventaban para afuera todo, y ya, lo dejaban ”, dijo Ana María Calzada, de 63 años y habitante de una vivienda cuyo barandal está junto a la acequia en la calle Juan Mata Ortiz.

“There is no constraint, there is no more than this (2) This is a past, this is a past, every, and this or that is all the crap because the Municipio vino and the dijo to the gente that cerrara, has para sáños5 que ya no se Join the malandros and the hubbyra robots and asaltos, because as soon as the oscro and the carrots do not pass, they join together ”, agregó.

‘Hasta la de latrinas es buena’

Information received by this medium indicates that Juárez enters the norm, which leads to the entry of the states of Valle de Juárez as part of the Convention of 1906 with the drainage of fluoxes of the 3rd front. Adobe, and the International Presidency, a cost of the monument to Nuevo Ciudadano.

At the same point, the caudal – which is now known to be 15 million cubic meters of metal, or 20 because of the maximum stability in the conveniences – from the inner city to the city’s travails of the Aquarius Madras, lovely, very special Delivered to the lower part of the State of Gobierno.

Also, contaminated with the agua of the drainage without treatment, the caucus is used to clear the parcels of the Primera Unidad, which has raised about 800 hectares in the urban area with cultivars as algodón or so.

“With the need that we have, the letter is good”, commented the personal intruder in Primera Unidad.

Consultants Ayer, Murillo and Daniel Valles, voiced by JMAS, did not respond to any reports from other points in the city that fluyan corresponded to some of the more important facts, as seen by the cinco visible at an extremely low price Urrutia, delegated to the Norte de Zona Norte Secretariat Rural, undertook the invasion of the canal from different points in the canal.

“Enseguida del Estadio 20 de November, ahí hay una parte se se usa casi casi como estacionamiento, luego hay otra parte en la calle Insurgentes, antes de la avenida del Charro, ahí está otra parte que está”, techada la acujotia.

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