Investigan a personal de albergues for abusive sexual contraception

Ciudad Juárez.- The investigation into the protection of Niñas, Niños and Adolescents from the Distributed Judicial Bravos and personal variants of “certifications” has been investigated for possible commissioning of lesions, sexual, promiscuous, unsolicited practices. 13 a bos bajo tutela temporal del Estado, informó la Fiscalía General del Estado (FGE).

The manor was reported as accustomed to the personal of an algorithm before the FGE, which defined the inquiry, and was traced to localization and comparison before the public ministry as the social representation of the tragic historical reasoning of the prudent historical story The violetstama of violetia. ; For that reason, the 13-year-old girl joined a familiar group continually with corresponding investigations.

This case and other sexual contracts with a young migrant, even in the midst of daily encounters with societal civilizations, are considered to be the most important factor in the protection of the lavish part of the body. , Niños y Adolescentes (PPNNA) de Chihuahua.

The problem is very serious, expelling Catalina Castillo, director of the Popular Independiente Organization (OPI), to assure that these lugares are revealing to the little ones, girls and adolescents (NNA) that they are in a “sogusgarostaio” no.

Communicating with Prince, the Integral of the State Establishment (DIF), who presided over Maruga Eugenia Galván Antillón, said that the PPNNA de Chihuahua “has received 824 people from within. Publicly, a cifra nunca antes vista en la entidad ”.

The DIF state, a tracing of the PPNNA, is the responsive salvage of the physical, mental and emotional integration of the children of the state, informed.

Eduardo Sáenz, the first visitor to the Commission on Human Rights, considers that the decentralization of the PPNNA, the personal mayor of the United Nations, and the inability to revise the foundation of human dignity. por la por de salvaarda. NNA in very vulnerable conditions.

Meczyki seeks the functions of subprocuraduría and no fue attending the entrepreneur’s petite.

“Whoever plays the municipal authority, who is going to the subconscious that only children and the albers do not have a cup and do not recognize the special needs of any manor”, asked Castillo.

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The faults of MJAG are adustas. The photographer, who shared his mother the travail of the cell phone, the mustache with the little furuncido, the labious apratados and a mirada fría. Tenía unas pocas horas con yl y tomó fotos como evidencia de las agresiones que sufrió el menor en el albergue jóvenes trabajando por juárez, ubicado en la calle rancho agua caliente, del fractionionamiento pradera dorada.

Photographed in the photos, the mother exhibe that the little girl has cicatrices for golpes and quimaduras of cigarro antiguas and archeology, hematomas recientes and a cicatrization in the hombro that the mother discovers.

Front to the MJAG mother, she encounters her other menor of edad and probable victim of delicate sexual aggression, and sucks. The house is in extreme humidity.

Pese al miedo que tiene de ser señalada por la sociedad y expuesta a la crítica al hablar de la situación familiar que enfrenta, la madre buscó la entrevista con Meczyki en un desi desperado por salvar la vida de su hijo de años13penas.

“I don’t want to be bothered by DIF and I don’t know what to do because of the character of my hijo, I don’t want to say that I don’t know what to do or what to do, because this is going to make our history our own, because we don’t need it anymore. ………………………………………

The entrepreneur realizes in the house Paterna, where her parents live and her manor de edad, of 11 years.

At the end of 2017, the couple received the custodianship of their two wives, with the help of the deficit of attention with hyperactivity (TDAH), for the familiarity of cuidados and violetia familiarity. The girls quadruple the cargo of the missing mothers. At the same time, he learned the therapies at Casa Amiga, while observing the MJAG severament golpeado part of his abuela and se dio aviso a las autoridades correspondientes.

On the 7th of April, the mujer de la terracera edad encountered the two men of descent “fighting the papa and the mamma”, because they were called the Unidad Specialized Attendance of the Victims of Violencia de Unevénica de Unaa. The legal injection of contraceptive MJAG for sexual aggravation in her husband.

“Our misconceptions are not to be confused, not to be confused, not to be confused and not to be confused in the moment. Universidad; se llevan a mi mamá y al niño ya la niña ”, narró.

In the state of politics, the two most important medical examiners without the supervision of an adult, in this case it is abusive. Fse fue el inicio de otra pesadilla familiar.

However, there is a legal process for aggravated violation of hermeneutics, because it has been legalized to protect the protection of Niñas, Niños and Adolescentes of Distrito Judicial Bravos from interaction with carpet investment.

The family did not conceive of the MJAG parade on April 29, when the manor took off from the house of an adult compliant to escape the anivo vivir for immortality and servitude, while fue coccionado a unique humbrego parade. At the end of the day, men were violently sexually assaulted, amanazado and advanced by adults, or that there was no spacio just for menad edo, since they were attending humbres and mujahideen in the process of rehab. One day ago, 28 men had escaped from the albury and the personal acrobatics of the Subcommittee to present the report by the attention of the people to the tutelage of the state.

The mother recalls that the manor “apestaba” and vestía la misma ropa con la que fue asegurado por la policía y durante esos días no le proporcionaron el medicamento que requiere a diario, por lo que presenta una denuncia contraudelía el probery una personal; The hacks were added to the carpet number 37-2022-13205 and added the investigations.

The manor fue regraded to the subprocuraduría and canalized the other algorithm, without informing his paradero to the tutors legals. The 8th junior personal of the Institute of Privileged Services of the Juicio Zona Norte de Tribunal Superior de Justicia del Estado hijo una intervista de evaluation de riesigos procesales a MJ en las oficinas de la Subprocuraduría; The appearances of the Violence of Violence are visible as hematomas in ambus braces in color molds and amulets, admirables of visible quamduras and cortaduras. The manor declares that in “anexo”, while encountering at this moment, realizing massage combines the recompense like a plate of atoll or even. Dijo que había sido golpeado al menos en cuatro occasions, specifically in la piernas, y se subían arriba de él y lo lastimaban en el pecho. Dijo que no acudía a la escuela y no le dan el medicamento que necesita.

The intruders thought of Lorena Córdova and María de León, advertising to the subconscious, and the menus that the man had shown that he was committing violent physics and sexuality in the alphabet. to change the social support center.

The 13-year-old man who had been presented with an audience before a specialization on the Justification Penalty for Adolescents, without embarking, did not like it. The mother informed him that the 12-year-old MJ had taken her to his personal alphabet in the village of Villahermosa, joined by other people and all of them golpearon his hijo, because he was the first to salvage or care.

The FGE is the personal delicacy of Juvenile delinquents, ubicado en la calle hecaus hasta el día siguiente, por que la FGE defundió la pesquisa del ado. lo desconocían.

MJ was added to the family by an adult who was disconnected and auxiliary. These things happen, the FGE intervenes for the man who, despite having a familiarity, feels that he is tired of the legal process against the authorities and the personal involvments.

824 Personal entries between 0 and 17 years ago are still public in the city


Men The manor declares that in the “annexure”, while meeting at this moment, realizing massage gives a change like recompense like a plate of atoll or avenues.

De Además, that había sido golpado al menos en cuatro occasions, specifically in la piernas, y se subían arriba de él y lo lastimaban en el pecho

• No acudía a la escuela y no le daban el medicamento que necesita