Investigate the alleged killing of the dog.

Juarez City Authorities conducted an autopsy on the dog to determine the cause of death, following an investigation by municipal officials and a preliminary decision that would determine a possible criminal commission.

In this investigation, the State Attorney General’s Office cooperates with veterinarians in the Remy Municipality’s pet rescue and breeding department, as reported by the Municipal Government’s General Directorate of Ecology.

“The Directorate of Ecology is cooperating with the FGE in the investigation into the killing of the dog,” said Yassinia Anaya Retana, head of the agency.

A civil complaint has alerted authorities to an alleged case of animal abuse that resulted in the death of an animal in the Philip Angeles neighborhood of 2221 Sombrerat Street.

For this reason, the complaint was referred to the Prosecutor’s Office as part of a criminal process that protects animal rights.

So far, the two government agencies have maintained close investigative coordination to ensure that those responsible are punished in accordance with the law if found guilty.

“The prosecutor’s office requested that RAMMI staff collect the body of the dog they apparently killed so that we could perform a necropsy to determine the cause of death,” said Anaya Retana.

The official added that the prosecutor’s office would determine the responsibility of the accused based on the post-mortem results.

He called on the citizens to report on both ecology and remittances, cases of animal cruelty which have been made a criminal offense.

“We are going to deal with all these issues with a ‘heavy hand’,” he concluded.

Emergency number 911 also receives reports of animal abuse.

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