Investing in sustainable communities: The Coca-Cola Thank You Fund provides €100,000 in grants to youth-focused community groups

importance of sustainable communities

The insight, talent and dedication of Ireland’s youth are vital to tackling some of the most pressing issues facing us. One initiative that recognizes this is the Coca-Cola Thank You Fund: a grant established by The Coca-Cola Company in 2011, which has so far distributed a total of €1,255,000 in grants to more than 120 non-profit organizations across the island. . Ireland

The Coca-Cola Thank You Fund was established to mark the company’s 125th anniversary. Since its inception, the fund has supported diverse community projects that help youth with employment, education, healthy and active lifestyles, social issues and environmental leadership to name a few.

The theme of the Fund for 2022 is: Investing in Sustainable Communities.

This year, Coca-Cola will donate €100,000 to youth-oriented charities, community groups and non-profit organizations to help youth take an active role in shaping, building and maintaining sustainable communities for the benefit of all. are committed to. The Fund for 2022 aims to encourage budding change makers across the island of Ireland to develop communities with economic and environmental sustainability as well as social equity at their heart.

change champion support

The Coca-Cola Thank You Fund 2022 was recently launched by acclaimed presenter Brian Dowling and her husband, Dancing with the Stars judge Arthur Gauronlian. As part of the launch, the couple met with representatives of Drogheda’s Boomerang Youth Cafe: previous fund recipients who were able to describe the positive difference that grant share can make in accelerating youth outreach initiatives.

Just one of 13 recipients of last year’s 2021 Thank You Fund, Boomerang Youth Café was awarded €5,000 for the development of a six-week work readiness curriculum, which can be taught to youth by engaging in confidence-building activities such as goal setting. was designed to prepare them for employment. Personal decision making and stress management – Empowering and educating vulnerable youth in your community.

now open for applications

As part of its theme of Investing in Sustainable Communities, Coca-Cola Thank You Fund is now soliciting applications that fall under one or more of the following three categories:


Educational, Training and Resilience Entrepreneurship Programs for Young People

Diversity & Inclusion

Programs that support diversity and inclusivity and social equality among young people

care for the environment

Programs that encourage and support youth to care for and protect the environment

For the purposes of the Fund, youth are defined as those between the ages of 16 and 25. Interested groups have until midnight on Wednesday 20 July to apply.

future leaders

The Coca-Cola Thank You Fund is just one initiative The Coca-Cola Company is working with its bottling partner Coca-Cola HBC Ireland to help youth across Ireland. Youth Empowered is a separate program delivered by the Coca-Cola System, which aims to support women and at-risk youth to fulfill their potential while supporting economic recovery.

These initiatives, as well as an ongoing partnership with the Irish Youth Foundation and YouthAction NI, Coca-Cola, seek to inspire youth as they become champions of change.

Now in its twelfth year, the Coca-Cola Thank You Fund continues to play its part in building the leaders of the future.

Commenting on the fund, Agnes Philippi, Country Manager for Coca-Cola Ireland said; “Life skills, good values ​​and positive routines are passed down from generation to generation, but in recent years so many young people have been cut off from our network, through the Coca-Cola Thank You Fund, we invest in youth-oriented organizations. Want to make changes that are supporting the next generation of champions across the island of Ireland.

“Empowering our youth with the flair and skills needed to take a more active role in building sustainable communities has never been more important, so we are in a position to fund programs and projects once again this year. who are committed and aligned to this mission throughout the island of Ireland.

“Since 2011 we have donated more than €1.2 million to over 120 charities, community groups and non-profit organizations, and with the help of our illustrious Coca-Cola Thank You Fund launch ambassadors Brian and Arthur and our long-lasting partners , the Irish Youth Foundation and YouthAction Northern Ireland, we hope to inspire local leaders to apply for funding.

With the return of the fund’s popular ‘People’s Choice Award’, communities will have the opportunity to vote for their favorite projects from shortlisted organizations. Successful 2022 fund recipients will be announced in the autumn.

Applications for funding, assessed under the categories of education, diversity and inclusion, and caring for the environment, can be submitted until midnight on Wednesday, July 20. To see full details of the admission conditions, visit the website: