Irish Rail plans to close 50 parking spaces on the Drogheda train to make way for vehicle charging points

The parking spaces in the lower car park at the train station in Drogheda will be reduced by half if rnod iren should go ahead with plans for an electric charging facility.

T has applied to Louth County Council for permission to develop electrical charging infrastructure for the Battery Electrical Multiple Units (BEMU) fleet at McBride Station.

This will include construction of a modular 10kv ESB/traction substation in the lower car park, overhead line charging facilities on 2 platforms and 1 depot track and electrical cables in the ducts from the substation to the charging facilities, with all necessary ancillary works.

Proposed works include: – ESB/traction substation, consisting of two separate adjacent compounds (one for ESB and one for rnrod ireann) – ESB compound consisting of a building c.4.4m x 4.9m x 2.95m high , Dedicated pedestrian and vehicle access, 2 dedicated car parking spaces and security fence.

Several car parking spaces will be removed within the lower car park to accommodate the proposed substation, reducing the available car parking spaces from 98 to 44 spaces.

In addition, the Iarnród ireann compound consisting of 5 modular containerized units, c. 2.6m x 8.0m x 3.5m high, pedestrian access and security fencing; Ancillary work including landscaping, drainage and utilities; Electrical cabling, underground and partially buried in the cable trough between the ESB/traction substation and the overhead line charging infrastructure; Provision of overhead line charging infrastructure at 2 platforms and 1 depot track. These structures will be galvanized metal structures with 12 masts and will consist of 2 portal frames, 4 double cantilever and 4 single cantilever. Private access staff ancillary work including minor relocation of services on pedestrian overbridges, drainage and replacement of steel wire mesh protection.

The proposed development is within the bounds of the Boyne Viaduct along with protected structures, Drogheda McBride Station, associated station premises: station buildings include sheds, turntable RPS – DB-055; Boyne Viaduct RPS – DB-176.

A Natura Impact Statement comes with the application.

More than 100 HMS to Ballymkeni Road

New houses are planned on the outskirts of Drogheda.

Ballymakeney Developments Limited has applied to Louth County Council for permission for residential development on land located in the Commons and Greenbetter, North Drogheda Environs for the construction of 76 two-story terraced and semi-detached houses, which include 58 three-bed houses and Contains 18 chars. -Bed house on a site of about 2.7 ha.

The proposed development can be accessed through an existing access point to the west of the site from Ballymkeni Road.

The proposed development also provides for public open space (3,173m2), car and bicycle parking, bin stores, internal roads and all associated site development works.

In a second application regarding the same location, Ballymkeni Development Limited is seeking permission to construct 38 two-storey residential dwellings consisting of 30 three-bed mid and end terrace houses, and 8 four-bed measuring terrace houses. The site is about 1.67 hectares.

The proposed development can be accessed through an existing access point to the west of the site from Ballymkeni Road.

The proposed development also provides for public open space (3,353m2), car and bicycle parking, bin stores, internal roads and all associated site development works.

Elsewhere, Damien Chaser has applied for permission for 3 separate four-bedroom two-story homes and ancillary site works, including new site access from Blackbush Lane, all approximately 0.159 hectares on site, Blackbush Lane. , in Bryanstown, Drogheda.

Retention permission is being sought by Brian Reilly to remove soil and stone as building a yard; and permission for the construction of a machinery storage unit, associated site works and the demolition of a stone shed and boundary wall at Gooderstown, Ardy, and for the reconstruction of the stone wall to provide street visibility.

CFS Homes Limited is seeking permission for modification of part of a permitted mixed use development already approved under the scheme context. 08/101, scheme extended by ref. 18/667.

The proposed modifications will result in a new vehicular entry from an approved cul-de-sac to the proposed actual Twenties Lane and all associated site development works as well as modifications to the approved house types for the new junction and upgrade treatment to 4 units. , at Ferrard Park, Twenties Lane, Drogheda.

Lagaan Homes Drogheda has applied for permission for modification in the development permitted under ABP305819-19, excluding the approved crche and community building and 9 self-contained retirement homes (7 one-bed and 7 one-bed) contained in three separate buildings. 2 two-bed) has been applied for. With communal and ancillary services for independent and/or assisted living for older persons.

Building A consists of communal and support spaces with three units; Building B consists of two units while Building C has four units. Building A is 2 storeyed and rest of the buildings are single storeyed.

All the buildings proposed have the option of installation of photovoltaic/solar panels on the roof slopes depending on the orientation and heat pumps.

The proposed development includes all car parking, landscaping, infrastructure services and site development works associated with the proposed development.

The development includes a new pedestrian/bicycle entrance on Newfoundwell Road, and access to an existing vehicular access road permitted and constructed under ABP 305819-19, to be known as Newtown Wood Newfoundwell Road, Newtownstalban, Drogheda.

Tower of Ireland Limited applied for permission to build a 33m lattice mobile and broadband tower with a headframe carrying telecommunications equipment along with associated equipment and cabinetry within a 2.4m palisade fence complex with access track at Capoxgreen, Ardy Is.