¿Is it legal to have an animal animal like a mascot? – El Financiro

La muerte de un mono araña Because he was wearing a scarf and a camouflage camouflage, there was an infinity between the elements of the furry armor and the integral ingredients of the cream organized. en Texcaltitlán, Estado de México– levantó la duda si es possible tener animales exóticos como mascotas.

You can have an animal salvage like animal de compañíaalways and when there is no special treatment in the area of ​​extinction, de acuerdo con la Norma Official Mexicana NOM-059-SEMARNAT-2010.

The norm is like how to identify the specifics of flora and fauna silvestres that live in the country and that it is always with the finalization of which the corresponding correspondence protects

In the list of species in riesgo you can find animals like: sapos, ranas, tlaconetes, cisnes, patos, palomas, gavilanes, águilas, gorriones, among many others.

¿How to pass the permit to have an animal animal like a mosquito?

The Secretariat of Medium Ambulance and Natural Resources (Semarnat) is stable The people who are interested in having an animal salvage like a mascot to realize the Trinity 08-056que sirve para obtener la autorización.

Accompanied by Semarnat, the Trámite 08-056 If you want to realize when “the Posey ejemplares de especies de fauna silvestre ectica” Because of its compactness, natural or derivative microbiological persuasion can be accompanied by an ambivalent domestic trade and no representation of fissures, health or safety for its animals. If proprietary animals have the authority of ejemplary exoticos like mascot or animal de compañía “.

On site web, The semarat no aclara qué documentos se deben presentar para solicitar el permiso. Solo indicates that you will have to formulate solicitudes, participate in the administrative procedure, interponer recursos, dissect and reunite the derechos, accredit mediaende instrumento public or with a card can be made before two tests.

Who can realize the trinity?

The federal dependency on its internet site Any physical or moral person can realize the Trámite 08-056. The solicitor will have to deal with the main procedure of the maneuver, meditate on the format required to be able to discover the electronic apartments of the Semarnat, admissions will be compliant with the totality of the re.

The pet to make an animal aesthetic like mascota or animal de compañía can take the cabo all the way and If you want a free trial, what resolution has a maximum of 15 daysAccompanied by the Secretariat of the Media and Natural Resources Information.

A person who obeys the permission of the Mexican authorities, the person who realizes that trámite might have to be an animal excommunicator like a mascot for the time being indefinitely without the need to renew the document.

What is the basic jurisprudence of origin or trinity?

On its internet site, the Semarnat is stable The trio to have an animal aesthetic like a mascot based on Article 27Párrafo Segundo de la Ley General de Vida Silvestre, published in the DOF on July 3, 2000.

Also based on Article 131 Bis, Pierrafo Priro, of Reglamento de Ley General de Vida SilvestrePublished in the DOF on November 30, 2006 and his reforms.

Can you pass my animal salvage freely?

Even realizing the trinity and the things with the strong promise, el documento te te da derecho a pasear libremente a tu mascota.

The semaphore is a sign that the e-mails of the ejaculators are only able to take into account the confinement, with the finalization and minimizing the negative effects of the deals. cositos, la coscotogioso poblaciones de especies nativas que se distribuyan de manera natural en el sitio “.

For this reason, “Which strictly forbids the liberalization of natural media”.

You have to be patient The permission to have an exotic animal like a mascot can be revocar.

“Aquellos ejemplares de especies que por su naturaleza, ante un indadecuado manejo o evento que ponga en riesgo a la población sol, deberán ser reubicados por la semarnat”, señala la federal dependency.