Is that the ski coach in your boot, or are you just happy to see me? – techcrunch

It’s like a Fitbit, except you add it to your ski boot to get data-driven tutoring to keep track of where you’re doing well and where there’s room to improve. karvy Claims it has become the “world’s largest ski school by hours taught”, this winter has more than 20,000 members in 58 countries, tracking more than 150 million turns. Those numbers were enough for Carv to close its $5.1 million expansion in its $2.5 million Series A in February 2021.

The company has a very simple philosophy: If you ski, you can get better at skiing, and if you get better, you’ll have more fun. The product is an insert that can be retrofitted to any ski boot, and the hardware device measures and analyzes the technology. The data is channeled into an app, where a virtual coach can give real-time feedback with customized tips for cutting some pow-pow on the Mow-Mo, as I’m sure skiers who take themselves too seriously Yes, would say.

company It debuted in 2016 with a Kickstarter campaignAnd the company is moving away from the snow, creating the future of ski technology.

“Our mission at Carve is to make ski coaching more enjoyable and accessible through simplification,” says co-founder and CEO Jamie Grant in a statement emailed to Meczyki.Net. ,[Lead investor] Hero’s wealth of gaming experience and its positive application in games make him the perfect partner to help us achieve this vision. ,

The company has a nifty video showing off the product and how it works:

The capital will be used to fill data science, software and hardware positions, as well as finance the company’s geographic expansion and additional development of its technology.

The funding round is led by Hiro Capital, a sports-industry-focused venture capital firm, with follow-up investments from Artesian VC and SOSV. This brings the total funding raised so far to $10.9 million.

“Carav has created the first and foremost smart skiing product – it makes skiing easy, giving you a secret weapon to level up your technique and become a better skier. Jamie and his team are influential entrepreneurs,” says Hiro Capital “The technology they’ve built is used by everyday skiers and elite experts to transform their technology,” founder and general partner Luc Alvarez said in a statement to Meczyki.Net.