Is there an economic recession in the EU? Elon Musk, Bill Gates and Jamie Damon – El Financiro

The multimillionaires are prone to possible reunions in the economy of the United States, eliminating the dangers of alarming financial institutions and specialists who are the progenitors of the country. Inflation “.

Elon Musk, President of Tesla and SpaceX, seóaló que The recession is “inevitable at any moment. In fact, if I have a chance to get to court, my opinion is more probable that no ”. En el Economic Economy of QatarThe empire that does not have the right to respect it.

First of all, Bill Gates, Microsoft Assistantdijo en una entrevista con Farid Zakaria que “The world has become an economically desiccated country In the future we will see the mediums of the pandemic and the invasion of Russia and Ukraine “.

L director ejecutivo de JPMorgan Chase, Jamie Damon, coincidentally with this perception to find an entrepreneur with invertebrates of junior heads that the world has a “Huracan Economic” We want the economy to fight against a combination of problems without precedents.

For JPMorgan Chase, it was reported that the S&P 500 implements an 85 per cent probability of a recession in the median time of a political error by the Fed. The advertisement of the Strategies based on the 26th issue of the S&P 500 during the last 11 recessions and surge traces of the reference index of a commercial market in the middle of the escrow is the precedent. del indis alzas en las tasas de interés.

The director of the Deutsche Bank AG, Christian Sewing, advises that the global economy could be able to establish a relationship with the media that Bancos Centrifuges intensifies its susceptibility to inflamed inflationUnite to create a creative body of executives and legislators who paint a panorama.

“The men told us that we have a 50 per cent probability of a new world,” said the director of the Deutsche Bank in an interview. In the EU and Europe, “the probability that we would create a recession in the second half of 2023, we think that at the same time all the tips of the interiors, obviously is superior to the predictions that we have before we get it”.

This comment was made on the same day that the Citigroup analysts made a similar prediction, giving shocks of offers and internships with more. Stitch that, in the face of the impact on the economic economy, help the accusations of the centralized banks, including the Federal Reserve of the EU, because it is necessary to reduce the inflation, to make it clear to the unemocracy, that it is bad unemocración.

At the same time this week, the delegates at the Second Economic Forum of Qatar, from the Executive Director of Tesla, Elon Musk and Nouriel Roubini were Bob Diamond of Atlas Merchant Capital and Bill Winters of StanChart, advocates of the state. Recession

“The experience of the history indicates that the definition of the word conleva costs meanings to the creator and we see that The probability of receiving a receipt from Ahora is about 50 per cent”, Describing the economists of Citigroup.

“Bancos centres aún can design the suras, or ‘suaves’, incorporated into its protógoss (and en nuestros), but it requires that the chokes of offerin disinuation and demand are constantly maintained”.

Citi Group ahora prevé que la Economics around the world 3 for now is one and 2.8 for now in 2023. So economists say that if a realization occurs, there will probably be a “variation of the jordan” in that the desimplement auntsa varies points and the production experiment will be followed by a series of debates.

“We see this as a reasonable expectation, but the comrade, as we are infatuated, is why the dynamic infinitarian obstinacy will be the final result,” said Dijer.

Con información de Bloomberg y Guillermo Castañares.