Israel’s decision to release the residue of agave residues – The Financier

پور Lior Yafe – Commercial Commercial of the Embassy of Israel in Mexico.

On the 11th of March, the Secretariat for Medium Ambiente and Natural Resources (SEMARNAT) published in the Official Diary of the Federation (DOF) the Normal Official Mexicana NOM-001-SEMARNAT-2021, which is possible to obtain the most disclaimer residues in a quadruple type of curopo receptor propeller of the nación (r ,os, acuíferos, vasos, aguas marinas, entre otros).

Entering the United Nations augmentation of its publicity and sustainability to the NOM-1996, including that it does not comply with the technical aspects and parameters to determine the maximum limits of contaminants and detergents.

As such objectives preserve the human rights of agua and saneam, consider in Article 4 of the Mexican Constituency, as to guarantee its disposability, accuracy, equivalence, quality, adriability, etc.

As a result, the obligation is stable in Article 85 of the Aguas Nacionales, relating to the fasicas or morales of the people, which are explicit, us or the aguasas are not really responsible for their conscience for their sake. To reconstitute adecuadas of condensate, to allow its exposure, use the posterior prophylactic, and maintain the equilibrium of the vital ecosystems.

Without embarking, the ancient approbation of NOM has generated a discussion in two aristocrats: a reflection on the quality of life and sustainability; and other possible manipulative costs for the ambitious medium and the limitation of the economic activity in a territorial area.

In the context of the interior, the plant has three new parameters and a modification; The newcomers are toxic, demanding oxygen and color; We want to reduce the temperature limit to a maximum of 5 degrees.

Innovation Como Media:

This is the panorama, the retro is focusing on strategies for mover volunteering and economic resources hack the United Nations mejoramiento de los sistema de tertimento et el cuidado de los cuerpos de agua del pa consides, considerably al mismo vimoviento crempoviento unemp.

In an attempt to transform and embrace life, we find the resurrection that is alive in the world, we must transcend the discourses of antaño and pointer distance between anachronistic positions.

Mexico has destroyed Israel as a part that can help and assist in the development of campo, forestry, maneuvering of hydrocephalus, the movement of the vinculachies between the three niches of the vinculae This is to establish stable connections between business entities.

Cabe resaltar que hoy en día, Israel es conocido como líder global en hídricas solu, donde casi el 90% de los effluentes son recilados. This is the most important thing ever to happen to someone else.

Además, cuenta con cinco plantas desalinizadoras de agua; Between them, the desalination plant for sesame seeds is the biggest in the world. This is because 80% of the liquid that is consumed in the hogs of Israel proving to die.

Israel is also convinced to be the innovator of the development of innovative methods, such as the greyhound, which aids a great cantidad of agua and maximizes the efficiency and productivity of the plant.

The Commercial Office of Israel in Mexico, as a motor enterprise within ambitions, invites the sectoral involucrados and introspection to convey the different solutions in the sector that can help align with the new metrometric-201-MAR.