ISSSTE, if you have endoscopes

In the integration of imaging services (gestation, alchemy and distribution of medical imaging, endoscopy and anatomy in the 40 hospitals), the services of the civil service. The contract with the actual proveer terminus is 30 years old and the media is adjudicating “invitations to 3 companies” and without the need to enter the sector, they are assigned a compa- tion of the distribution of the deals of the enterprises. la empresas Medicas, Grupo Amedic.

As Imedic’s profile looks like one of the favorites of the actual administration. The fight started with Dino Alejandro Martinez Orozco, the director of the ISSE administration, Almendra Lorena Ortiz Genis, who personally and with the help of the jurist Hermano Alejandro, Isaac Martínez, instrumentalist.

And for the first time since a mercado study was conducted in Equipo Nuevo for 38 hospices and 52 medical units to enter, install, capacitate and send in 60 days, a contract was issued in July 2020 for millions of dollars. Así, sencillito. The Mercado Study Information Center for the participants, the “Appendix 3 Existence of Unity for Unity” – was left blank. Observations: The new equipo in this unit for amortizarlas in 4 months is not justifiable, the men who have already said something “acuerdo” no official and with the reply “arriba”.

Además, the Mercado Studio has a calcification of 60% for points and percentages and 40% for precision. For the evaluation of points and percentages requiring experience and specialization, capacity and complementarity of contracts and textuality, he said: The propulsion of the contradictions of the proponents. Be evaluated in the rubbers and subrubric techniques that are more advanced, you will find as much as 45 points of 60 maxim that you can find. The technical propositions that do not get up to 45 points in the evaluation of the technical proposal will be disappointed ”.

But, yes! What Imedic says is that by lejos alcanzaba 45 points.

As such, with a contradiction of “amistoso”, it is vaticinar oootra tormenta en los servicos de país con el riesgo para el ISSSTE, hospitales y los pacientes de quedarse sein servicio de radiología, mastographaía, etomographoma, tomogra Ultrasound, endoscopy and pathological anatomy have been around for months or so since the new information system is very functional.

This is more than decides that this will be devastating to the system of health and its patients, cooing in many places there are problems that the parent has no relevance to Zenteno and his equipo.

AMELAF, impulse and vents. Given the public policy of not wanting to buy medicines to the Mexican enterprises for the health sector, the Association of Mexican Laboratories Pharmaceuticals (Amelaf), which presided over Luis Verduzco Koloffon, gave his impressions of the imprints of the imprint of the imprint 45 National laboratories that integrate association.

The strategies of securing national merchandise, focus on the private sector of pharmaceuticals, and at the same time fortify the preservation in the exterior of the mercado and promote the international reconciliation that takes place in the medical sector. For the first time, it was effective in Guadalajara, Jalisco, the lanzamiento de la Strategia de Comercio Exterior de Amelaf-Capítulo Panamá. The director of the association, Juan de Villafranca, explicitly seeks out the opportunities and sales of the Mexican pharmaceutical companies, starting with the work of PAMA, PROCENA The exchange will be the best connection in the world.

Segalmex a carta y blindado. The new Director of Alimentary Security, Leonel Cota Montaño, seems to be very serious about security because he was accompanied by a robust security guard. Don’t go for less that your full potential with Gorgojo. And as there is no content without bargaining, take your prophet chef who prepares it, with security, riches sent by Baja.