It cost Coral 8 8 million.

Juarez CityIn the middle of the month of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the master grapher that the last management got for the Women’s Hospital, did not work for six months, after the guarantee expired and the state government did not renew the care policy. General Secretary Condemns Doctors, Nurses and Employees of Chihuahuas Institute of Health, Ruben Meza

In March 2017, Coral inaugurated the acquisition of Maestrograph and the expansion of the outpatient area of ​​the women’s hospital, a work in which she pointed out that more than 10 10 million had been invested, as the only device that is used. X-rays were used to detect breast tumors and cysts – valued at مل 8,236,000, published on the National Transparency Platform.

“We are a women’s hospital and we have no way to treat and diagnose the most contagious disease that causes the most deaths in women: breast cancer. It is very unfortunate that there is no proper treatment for this pathology. Couldn’t do that if it was treated in time.

On the team’s opening day, Coral noted that patients would no longer have to go to the Unit-Dedicated Medical Unit for diagnosis and diagnosis of breast cancer, but had to be channeled for six months. The unit reopened and as a result in the month when the state campaign “Punk October” began.

“That shouldn’t be the case, breast cancer is a priority, and it’s unlikely that care policies have been renewed due to Achilles’ budget problems,” said Dr. Meza. Breast examination and clinical questions

Key features of the mastographer that were assumed by the last administration include pain reduction to the patient, 30% less radiation use, more detailed imaging and the performance of biopsies, among others.

An investment that was made for women’s health and was not allowed to benefit in the end is against it. We are a women’s hospital that does not treat the root cause of women’s deaths.

In addition to the mastograph not working, the doctor condemned the fact that the Women’s Hospital does not have the resources to treat breast cancer, so patients have had to refer to Chihuahua City for many years to form the Oncology Department.

He assured that there is only one oncologist in the hospital, who intervenes in surgeries only when there is an initial diagnosis. “This is the result of wrong decisions by public health officials, based solely on their political propaganda,” he said.

El Diario requested a version from Luis Alonso Guzman, director of the Women’s Hospital, and Juan Carlos Gonzalez, administrator, but received no response.

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