It’s going to be long! US automaker El Financiero says chip supplies will remain stable until 2023.

The biggest challenge for car production in North America is the lack of semiconductors, which Matt Blunt, president of the American Producers Association, sees (American Automakers, abbreviated as APC for English). It will be regularized by 2023.

During his participation in the “USMCA Automotive Industry Summit Conferences” in San Antonio, Texas, the industry representative said that it is also very important that Make supply chains transparent. In order to improve the value of industry in the region and reduce the risk of shortages.

“The benefits of this crisis are the experiences of improving the value chain and improving employment, the challenges that exist to improve the future (…). We hope to return to a growing foundation in 2023. ” Said.

Jose Zozaya, president of the Mexican Association of Automotive Industry (AMIA), pointed out that this is also a major challenge for shipowners in Mexico, for which he highlighted the importance of shifting supply chains.

The government (of Mexico) is a promoter to attract this type of investment. But the rule of law is also needed, “he said.

He said a major challenge for Mexico is to control the import of used cars, which also affects the industry and seeks to boost sales of electric cars.

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