Ivermectin does not sterilize men and it does not flood the ERs. It doesn’t just stop COVID-19.

It is not a mystery why people on the right are suddenly interested in ivermectin. In June 2020, a widespread circulation. Study from Egypt Indicated that ivermectin 90 COVID can prevent covid 19 infection from becoming serious. Second report from Argentina. Claiming that ivermectin was “100 effective” as a protection against the disease, not one of the patients in the study was taking down the antiparasitic with the disease. These studies were rapidly picked up around the world, especially in countries where vaccine availability was limited, and ivermectin became a nightmare for people in South America, Africa, and elsewhere. Worst rates of infection and death in the world. By the beginning of 2021, Smugglers were exchanging ivermectin around the world. Trying to meet the growing demand

In the United States, the results are widely circulated on social media, right-wing radio, and Trump-flavored television. One or both studies were repeatedly snapped and combined with small, blind trials in story collections and “meta-analyzes” that led to claims of jaw-dropping performance of COVID-killing. Preprints of these studies were published on the servers of medical journals, along with leading analyzes of vaccines and other treatments.

For anyone who was politically inclined to the vaccine, ivermectin was being pushed as something. At least effective As an excellent vaccine without the stigma of accepting anything that is being pushed by liberals. It had the added appeal of having something to do with “a secret cure” patina.

Just as Q-Anon gave followers a sense of unraveling a mystery that was hidden for all those who were blind to follow the traces, ivermectin offered a “cure” for COVID-19 that only those who Was available for those who knew enough to tune their dials to the appropriate AM stations. It was clear from the outset that the two studies had serious problems with everything from plagiarism to contradictory results. But, with media reports from around the world reporting that it was good news, it was impossible to push Jane back into the bottle.

The United States was, in fact, about to arrive late. However, as the Delta tide began sweeping the country in early summer and Republicans stubbornly refused to take the vaccine, the growing wave of cases and deaths resulted in the biggest stimulus: fear. In the middle of the season, doctors were being asked to prescribe ivermectin, and for those who could not find it, or could not afford it, a flexible MD was checking the shelves of farms and tractor stores for boxes containing famous horses. Includes image of

In early August, Nature. Reviews of Egyptian studies were reportedThe shocking revelations of a large number of errors in the statistics “which eventually led to the withdrawal of the paper” did not return the headlines that had been circulating around the world for months. Didn’t cause any “hey, wait a minute”.

It wasn’t until then. September 2 BuzzFeed. Gathered many complaints against the Argentine study and effectively separated the results. It also included showing that there was no record of the hospital being assessed, how patient data was changed from table to table, and how the expected results did not increase in number. It now appears that this study is completely fabricated.

When everything is found.Reviewing the current data, including the National Institutes of Health (NIH), there is little evidence that Ivermectan has any effect on Covid 19, and any positive effect is likely to diminish. ۔

A real double blind trial, in Argentina IVERCOVID19. The study found no net benefit in administering ivermectin to a wide range of measures in Covid 19 patients ranging from the length of the disease to the risk of serious illness or death. Whether taking ivermectin alone or in combination with other medications should be resolved through a series of major trials, including Principles Trial and Recovery The trial, both of which are investigating the use of ivermectin, with other treatments.

However, with all the focus on ivermectin, the media has largely ignored a treatment that has seemed good ever since. Preliminary trials in early 2020.: Fluoxetine. Used in the treatment of depression and The link between obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), fluoxetine, and Covid 19 was initially established and was thought to be anti-drug.Inflammatory properties Although a recent update from the NIH in April showed that fluoxetine appeared to be extremely effective in a small trial, it was suggested that there was sufficient evidence to recommend the use of this drug. There are no pending results for larger, more controlled studies.

And now the results of one of these trials have come to light. Together The trial, in which a double-blind trial against placebo was conducted on more than 3,000 patients in Brazil for a period of six months. Of these patients, 739 received fluoxamine, 733 placebo and 1766 “other treatments.” Patients who received fluoxamine within the first few days after a positive test were 31 percent less likely to have severe COVID-19 elimination than those who needed respiratory support. These results are not as miraculous as the widely circulated definitions of ivermectin, but they have the advantage of being backed by real data from a large, well-run study that is currently under intense scrutiny. Is under

Fluvoxamine has been widely recommended for depression, OCD, and social anxiety disorders worldwide. It is widely considered to have fewer side effects than other drugs in its class.SSRIsAnd has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for 25 years. It is available as a generic drug from a number of manufacturers.

Like ivermectin, fluvoxamine is an inexpensive, widely prescribed drug that has long been approved by the FDA. In contrast to ivermectin, studies have shown that fluoxetine has a significant effect if administered initially during COVID-19. This 31% improvement may not sound like much. It is not as effective as the vaccine, or one of the two major monoclonal antibody treatments is currently approved for emergency use. However, for those who test positive for COVID-19 and are vaccinated without vaccination, vaccination is not an option and antibodies are often not available. A cheap, effective treatment for COVID-19 that reduces the chances of hospitalization by up to a third; that’s great.

along with Recent results show the effectiveness of the respiratory steroid budesonide. Thanks to the principal trial, it shows that the treatment of Covid 19 is improving, and the difficulties for patients who test positive should be more optimistic because these drugs work to the standard of care.

As it happens, the trial also looked at Ivermecton. The 1,766 patients who received anything other than fluoxetine? of them, 677 ivermectin found. The drug had no significant effect when it came to avoiding hospitalization, and was eventually excluded from the study.

How do you avoid getting seriously ill with Covid 19? Vaccination is very effective, even with many variations. But for those who get sick, both fluoxetine and budesonide – with monoclonal antibodies, where available – offer significant improvements in results.

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