Jacob Reese Mogg says EU will not make red tape ‘revolution’ Wild West.


Acob Rees-Mogg has said that a “revolution” to reform post-Brexit EU law would not turn Britain into a “Wild West”.

The cabinet minister, who is in charge of “Bridget Opportunities”, said the government would publish data every three months to show how many changes had been made to the EU’s 2,400 legislation since the UK left. Have gone

But he declined to say how many of the remaining EU laws on British law books would be scrapped or amended.

Mr Reese-Mogg said the dashboard would ensure that the public “amended, repealed or changed” EU law while maintaining at least £ 1 billion in business costs from “EU red tape”. Join us on this journey of doing. “

With rising inflation, we need to find supply-side reforms everywhere and under every stone and sofa that make products and services cheaper, make things easier to trade and ultimately boost the economy and livelihoods. Reduce costs.

Labor said the government was proposing a “digital filing cabinet” of existing legislation, which was nothing more than a “vanity project” on a day when inflation reached 9.1 percent.

Mr Reese Mogg told MPs in a statement to the Commons on the eve of the sixth anniversary of the EU referendum: “I hope this dashboard is an opportunity to deal with hundreds of issues that may seem trivial in their own right. Yes, but at every margin these measures will start a revolution.

“Not a French-style revolution with bloodshed in the streets and the terror of the guillotine, but a British-style revolution with minor improvements going from inch to inch so that soon we cover our feet and our feet become yards.” And yards become chains and then furlongs and miles until the journey is complete.

“With rising inflation, we need to find supply-side reforms everywhere and under every stone and sofa cushion that make products and services cheaper, make things easier to trade and ultimately boost the economy and life. Reduce the cost of

“So this dashboard is supply-side reformers El Dorado, and naturally, I’m pointing to a treasure trove of opportunities to represent this publication.

“It highlights unnecessary and disproportionate EU regulations on food, such as those that regulate the power of vacuum cleaners. Why bother her government?”

Mr Rees-Mogg added: “We will continue to work with the departments to reduce the business costs of at least one billion pounds from EU red tape, to ensure greater freedoms and productivity.

“We need to ensure proper regulation. Excessive and unnecessary regulation that burdens business or distorts market results reduces productivity, raises prices and increases the life of everyone.” Negatively affect the cost of

Speaking to reporters in Westminster, Mr Reese-Mogg targeted an unnamed department that reported only 2% of the EU’s retained legislation he wanted to reform.

Do I have a specific target percentage? No, but it requires a full workout.

He described the proposal as “hopeless”.

“We really want to make sure everyone is seen,” said Reese Witherspoon.

“Do I have a specific target percentage? No, but it needs to be a full exercise.”

Mr Reese-Mogg said the move was unlikely to lead to a fresh confrontation with the EU over the level playing field provisions in the 2020 trade agreement, which would in part reduce the UK’s EU standards. Designed to prevent

“I don’t think it will have much effect on the level playing field. I don’t see why this should happen. We’re not going to be a Wild West, people shouldn’t worry about that. “

He also defended the suggestion that the government had delayed complying with EU regulations.

“We formally left just two years ago, at which point Coved intervened. This is a 50-year extension of the UK legal system.

Mr Rees-Mogg said the move would not be tantamount to a “Eurovision Song Contest version of EU law”, where the least popular rules are deleted first.

Instead, he said, the gradual implementation of the plan would lead to major changes.

He continued: “It’s giving birth to elephants as a whole.

This seems to be a false project.

“Success is actually diligence, and it turns out that there are dozens and dozens, if not hundreds, of small obstacles in the way of doing business in this country that we can overcome.”

Shadow Foreign Office Minister Stephen Doty said: “It simply came to our notice then.

“It’s very unusual that at a time when inflation is above 9 percent, energy prices are rising, families under massive pressure are wondering how they will put food on the table, prices in 40 years.” Growing up the fastest, the government’s offer today is a digital filing cabinet of existing legislation for the British people, which the gentleman describes in his own words, modestly.

“And while the government intends to reduce the number of government employees by 20%, the so-called government performance minister is running his own make-up scheme in the cabinet office, and preparing work for them to fulfill his obsession. Is.”

He added: “The reality is that the tricks do nothing to address the real challenges facing the people today.”

Mr Reese-Mogg rejected any suggestion that the proposed EU law reform plan could lead to further clashes over post-Brexit trade arrangements for Northern Ireland.

“It’s very important that the benefits of the divergence feed to Northern Ireland. It can’t be left in the cold. So it will fit in with the protocol reforms,” ​​he told reporters.

He emphasized, however, that efforts to list and target the EU’s long-standing legislation were not “driving” the UK’s unilateral efforts to amend the Northern Ireland Protocol, which has a long line with the EU. Has been provoked.

The cabinet minister acknowledged that the move could signal a different approach to regulation across the UK, but that it depended on the “competence” between the UK government and the disbanded administration.

“The relocated administration will have the authority in its territories, and they will be able to do what Scotland wants, to abide by EU rules or not to abide by EU rules.”