James Franco stars as Fidel Castro in the new indie film Elena of Cuba.


Scar nominee and two-time Golden Globe winner James Franco will play Cuban leader Fidel Castro in the new indie film Alina of Cuba about Alina Fernandez, the daughter of a Cuban revolutionary.

Created by Spanish film director and screenwriter Miguel Bardem, the project is the latest of several live-action films the actor has recently signed on for after taking a break from acting following sexual abuse allegations.

Last month, she also starred in the post-World War II drama “Me, You” alongside Tom Hollander and Daisy Jacob.

On casting Franco for the role of Fidel Castro, the project’s lead creative producer, John Martinez O’Filen, of Austin-based Mankind Entertainment says it wasn’t easy.

“Finding and convincing James Franco to play Castro was a fun and challenging process and it was a joint work of the universe, because our director’s original mandate was to find an actor who was the real Castro. Alina Fernandez will be very supportive, along with finding someone who bears a close physical resemblance to,” he said.

“To cast this tough look, we used Fidel Castro’s ancient Galician heraldry as our focal compass, and then assembled a whole array of actors with Latino roots in Hollywood to find someone who Looked for a person with a similar facial structure.”

He added: “Looking closely at our hopefuls with an eye to Spanish and Portuguese genealogy, which the Galicians had, we found James to be, by far, the closest facial resemblance to our industry’s leading actors. had, meaning the focus would be on. To develop the tone of his character and we would get a great on-screen match to engage the audience and bring the story to life with true visual integrity.

“Overall, working with such a supportive and enthusiastic cast has been a true blessing for our team and the project.”

So, what else do we know about the film? Here are all the details that have gone into it.

What is Cuban Alina?

The independent film is said to closely follow a screenplay by Oscar-nominated writer Jose Rivera (behind Motorcycle Diaries) and Pulitzer Prize winner Nilo Cruz. It is about the real-life story of Alina Fernandez, a Cuban exile-turned-socialist lawyer, whose birth was the result of a struggle between Natalia Revelta Cleves and Fidel Castro.

The story unfolds as Revelta Cleves sacrifices her and her physician husband’s personal belongings and finances to finance the beginning of the communist revolution. Fernandez discovers that she is Fidel Castro’s daughter at the age of 10 when, after years of secret visits to his home, her mother finally reveals that “El Comandante” is her biological father.

Alina grew to become one of Castro’s most outspoken critics, was arrested on multiple occasions for attempting to leave, and was classified as a dissident, banned from traveling outside of Cuba. Is. Eventually, she fled to Spain (in 1993), an event that drew headlines from every major news network around the world, before making Miami her permanent home.

When is Cuba’s Alina being released?

There is no release date for Cuba’s Alina yet, as the film is still in production, but cameras will begin rolling on August 15 in and around Cartagena and Bogota, Colombia.

What else has James Franco done?

James Franco has had a long career.

He is best known for his first starring role as Daniel Desario in the comedy-drama Freaks and Geeks (1999–2000). You may also remember him from the Spider-Man trilogy where he played Harry Osborn, the son of the villainous Green Goblin (2002-2007).

Also in Eat, Pray, Love, Rise of the Planet of the Apes – and most recently in the HBO drama The Deuce (2017-2019)..