JD Martinez, the Red Sox, also defeated ALDS with a Game 2 win.

ST PETERSBURG, Philly-JD Martinez had a tie-breaking comeback in the lineup, a three-run homer and the Boston Red Sox franchise post-season record five home runs with a clutch relief effort from Tanner Hawk to Taipei Bay Ray 14-6. Defeated Overnight in their AL Division series in one game.

Keiko Hernandez has five of Boston’s 20 wins, including a homer and three doubles.

Xander Bogaerts, Alex Verdugo and Rafael Devers are also linked for the Red Sox, with Chris Cell allowing Jordan Loplo to win the first innings Grand Slam and pulling after just three outs.

Fifth Hernandez’s lead homer Colin McHugh tied it before Martinez went deep against four batsmen against Matt Wessler (0-1).

Hawk (1-0) kept Boston in the game when Cell hit five runs in the first innings. The Falcons came out of the ballpark to start the second inning with the right hand and allowed one run and two hits on five frames, retiring their first 11 batters before giving Wonder Franco a two-out single in the fifth.

Giman Choi entered as Loplo’s defensive substitute and two out solo homers in the holiday, Hawk had the only second hit. Hawk scored five runs.

Enrique Hernandez.
Enrique Hernandez (left) has five of the Red Sox’s 20 wins, his Game 2 victory over Ray on Friday.

Martinez had four wins with Tuesday night’s wild card victory against the New York Yankees and ALDS Game 1 twisting left ankle. He was injured when he stumbled on another base on his way to the outfield during last weekend’s regular season in Washington.

“It felt good,” Martinez said. “It didn’t feel good to run, but it felt good.”

Bogarts, Verdogo and Hernandez had solo shots to consolidate the amazing Red Sox, who lost 5-0 to the opener on Thursday night. Martinez then took the lead.

Devers’ two-run homer Michael Wacha extended Boston’s lead to 11-6 in the eighth. Christian Vazquez had an RBI Anfield singles in the ninth, after which Hernandez got a two-run single. Bogarts, Verdogo and Vazquez made three hits.

Reese did not allow 14 runs in a game after Boston beat them 20-6 on August 11.

JD Martinez sees his three-run homer against the Rays on Friday.
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Verdogo also stole an out in the left field, leaning against a small wall in the wrong field in the sixth inning to catch Nelson Cruz’s pop-up.

Overnight, Randy Aurozirina became the first player in the history of a major league to steal a home in the Homer and post-season game, the rays made another quick start, waving to the crowd with a yellow towel of 37,616. A mania from 27,419 for hit-game 1.

Reese Witherspoon left Shen Baz became the second pitcher in the history of the big leagues to start the playoffs in the regular season of three or less careers. Matt Moore was second, playing with the rays in Game 1 of the 2011 ALDS in Texas.

Using Baz and Game 1 winner Shane McClanhan to start the series, AL East winner Tampa Bay joined Auckland as the only team to start the playoffs in the first two games of the playoff series. Athletics started the 2012 ALDS in Detroit with Jarrod Parker and Tommy Malone.

Boston, meanwhile, have averaged just two-thirds of their innings from two games. Cell, who returned from Tommy John surgery in August to make a nine-start, was pulled after giving up five runs and four hits in the first inning. This was followed by a short tour by Eduardo Rodriguez on Thursday.

Lopello’s Grand Slam was the sixth Homer Cell to allow 26 innings after his career.


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