Jim Ross says Bret Hart deserves a pay rise.

Jim Ross Believes Bret Hart. At the height of his popularity, he deserves to be WWE’s highest paid superstar.

In October 1996, Hart announced on RAW that he had decided to stay with WWE amid WCW’s interest. Despite signing a 20-year deal with Vince McMahon’s company, Hitman joined the WCW a year later after agreeing to a three-year deal worth ڈالر 9 million.

On its latest installment. Grilling JR Podcast., Former WWE Hart has every right to be the best he can be, the commentator and executive said

“Brett felt it was worth it. He felt he should have paid more, and I don’t really disagree with him. The taker should have been the man. He was the most valuable player in the WWE at the time, so it wasn’t a difficult decision for me. But, I’m not looking at the books. I’m not looking at Vince’s accounting and That’s the way it is, “said Jim Ross.

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Bret Hart was the biggest name in the wrestling business in 1996. Earlier this year, he lost to Sean Michaels in a 60-minute Iron Man match at the main event of WrestleMania 12.

Jim Ross on the importance of Bret Hart for the WWE.

Bret Hart built a loyal fan base during his 13 years at the WWE between 1984 and 1997.

Due to his worldwide popularity, Jim Ross felt it was important that WWE try to catch Hart:

“Losing Brett would have been a big hit with live events,” Rose said. Meeting from various sources, Brett has always been the centerpiece of home pulling. He was a big fan of live event tours and made money for the company by selling tickets.

Jim Ross added that Bret Hart had more respect among his peers than almost every other WWE superstar. Because of this, he thought it was “difficult to put a dollar value” on someone as precious as Hart.

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