Joe Lycett’s joke at the center of the PSNI investigation was exposed after a visitor reported an excerpt from the comedian’s show in Belfast.

Visitors to comedian Joe Lycett’s recent show in Belfast revealed that a joke he told, which was subsequently reported to the PSNI, centered around a clip of him being a naked child.

The 33-year-old performed at Waterfront Hall on June 8 and 10, and police confirmed that the complaint came from a viewer after the first night’s performances. The police take no further action.

Many comedy fans in attendance confirmed that in the joke in question, Mr. Lycett wanted to show a clip of himself as a naked child.

One woman who does not want to be named told the Belfast Telegraph that he wanted to do it to show “how careless and flamboyant he was as a child”.

Mr. Lysette explained on stage that he had previously been told he could not show the video as it centered around a naked child, even though it was filmed by him.

“So he asked if it was a grown man’s penis, would it be allowed, and he was told, ‘Yes, it’s allowed,'” one viewer added.

Mr. Lysette then described how he had the video editor change the clip and superimpose a large image of an adult male’s genitals where his genitals should have been in the video.

“And the culmination of that was that he texted the editing guy to ask if it was really big and obvious enough since he really didn’t know how big a kid’s penis should be,” the source continued.

“It was really funny, but a lot of people were shocked.”

She added that she thought “the whole show was hysterical from start to finish, very creative and funny, a much-needed relief in the current climate.”

“I think the person who reported this should have a better understanding of what comedy is.”

However, not everyone agreed. Another man said he regretted going on the show and that the joke “actually made a few people leave”.

“Always loved him, I regret that now I will see him live,” he commented.

Caoimhe Herron, who was also present, said that when she read about someone complaining to the police about the event, she “really struggled to understand exactly what they meant.”

“Me and my sister thought it was really funny. Also, before you watch the clip, he has a plan for what it’s going to be, and he says it’s the roughest thing the show has. But he even says before that that he checked, and this is definitely normal, because this is his own penis, and that it was covered in advance, which means that it is not a child’s penis.

“It’s just amazing that the police were called for this.”

The 28-year-old girl added that she did not see anyone get up and leave the show, nor did her friend, who was sitting a few rows away from her.

The PSNI investigated the incident and confirmed, “Investigation was carried out and no wrongdoing was found.”

Mr. Lycett took the chin report and shared it on social media. a media report that the police dropped the case after he explained the context of the joke, which he said “hopefully amused” them.

He said the joke would remain “firm and proud” in his performances for the remainder of his UK and Ireland tour.

The ‘8 out of 10 cats’ comedian shared an image of a police message confirming the case was closed, captioning the post, “So someone came to my road show a few weeks ago and was offended by one of the jokes.

“And their perfectly understandable response to that was… call the damn police.

“To be fair, the furry was very nice with all of this, but she felt she had to investigate.

“It required me to write a statement explaining the context of the joke to them.”

Mr. Lycett said he “particularly enjoyed” explaining the joke in writing to a police detective.

“Enthusiastic and hopefully amused, the Rozzers have since closed the case,” he added.

He added: “You will be pleased to know that this joke, which I consider to be one of the best I have ever written, remains firmly and proudly in the series.

“The tour will run until September if I don’t go to jail.”

The Birmingham-based comedian became well known for his stand-up comedy when he recalled his humorous e-mails while dealing with issues like parking tickets and scams – and can now add the PSNI investigation to that list.