Joe Rogan panics after an incredible heavyweight trio fight between Tyson Fury and Donte Wilde

Tyson Rosh and Donte Wilder. Presented a modern classic at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas on Saturday night. Rosh had a great victory over ‘The Bronze Bomber’, knocking him out at 01:11 of the eleventh round.

Joe Rogan. An incredible heavyweight showdown between Tyson Fury and Donte Wilder left him terrified. The UFC’s colorful commentator praised ‘The Gypsy King’ for his incredible performance.

Here is Rogan’s Instagram post after the event:

It was all fireworks in Las Vegas as Tyson Fury and Donte Wilder Heavyweight went on Monday in one of the biggest title fights in history. Fury knocked out Wilder in the third round and before being dropped twice by the Americans in the fourth.

While they had been exchanged for the next few rounds, Wilder began to show signs of fatigue in the second half of the fight. Tyson Fury dominated the end and knocked out the tired Wilder for the second time in the 10th round.

Joe Rogan Tyson Fury vs. Donte Wilder 2.

Tyson Fury and Donte Wilder have faced each other on two previous occasions. When the first out ended in a controversial split draw, Fury won the match again, winning the seventh round TKO. Donte Wilder later accused her legs of being damaged due to her heavy clothing.

Before their great third battle, Joe Rogan spoke on the second tour. Between Tyson Rosh and Donte Wilder. Rogen called Wilder’s excuse “crazy.” Rogan said in an episode. The Rogan experience.:

“The idea that Donte Wilder, dressed in a 40-pound dress, had his legs extended to the ring is crazy. He may have lost it.”

According to Joe Rogan, Tyson Roche turned the tide in his favor in the third round of the fight. Citing The Gypsy King, Rogan said:

The real big deal in the third round was when Tyson Fury … he put that jab on his face and hit it with his right hand on his right hand and knocked it down … his ear was bleeding, so This is a serious injury.

Watch Joe Rogan’s podcast below:


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