John Cena may appear on Stone Cold’s podcast.

The WWE has dropped an important signal that the 16-time world champion. John Cena Will appear on Stone Cold Steve Austin.Broken Skull Session Podcast

The WWE Shop has a poster featuring business icons, a broken skull session and a John Cena ‘Iris Colloid’ 24X36 poster. This is a clear indication that Leader of the Sensation may be making an appearance sooner rather than later on the podcast.

The broken skull session podcast includes some of the biggest names in the WWE, such as Kevin Nash and McFarley. The latest episode featured WWE Champion Bobby Lashley.

Cena and Austin were the cornerstones of their respective eras. While Texas Ritelsnick was the top star of The Attitude Era, Cena was the poster boy for the ruthless aggression era and took the company into the PG era.

Although a match between the two has been around for a long time in the WWE universe, it is unlikely to happen at this stage. However, verbal conversations between legends can bring some relief to fans.

Check out Sportscada’s recent interview with Bobby Lashley:

Will John Cena win his 17th world title at Summer Sale?

John Cena returns to the WWE at Money in the Bank Pay Per View after a keynote ceremony between the WWE Hall of Famer and The Universal Champion Roman Reigns. Cena is currently preparing to face Rennes for the Universal Championship at Summer Salem.

Leader of the Sensation is currently tied with Rack Flair for 16 world titles. with. Flair recently left the company., WWE may want Sena to beat the record. However, the Roman Reigns have done well with the Universal title, so it is difficult to predict who will be out of the Summer Salem as champions.

Which team are you on at Summer Salem – Team Cena or Team Rains? Are you looking forward to seeing John Cena on the Stone Cold podcast? What questions are you expecting from Cena? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Watch SK’s interview with WWE Champion Bobby Lashley. Here

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