Justin Trudeau wants to guarantee the quality of mental health appeal appeals.

Prime Minister of Canada Justin TrudeauIssued a statement under World Mental Health Day That it is memorable October 10. In which he asked to fight. Ugly stains around mental health And make sure people in need have access to quality care.

Good health is also good mental health. It takes care of our mental health as well as our physical health.. That is why today, on World Mental Health Day, I urge everyone to take good care of themselves and others. We can all make a difference, fight the stigma surrounding mental health and make sure everyone has access to quality care. Trudeau This is a statement

Through his Twitter account, the Canadian president addressed people who feel anxious, stressed and depressed, to whom he said he was not alone and that his government would try to They need help and care..

“Through the website,” he added Canada Wellness Center, People can ask for help if they need it, and he mentioned the service. Free And it’s available all the time, in English and French, the official languages ​​of the North American country.

The Prime Minister of Canada also noted that minors can ask for help over the phone. 1-800-668-6868. Or by text message when sending word. Talk. On the number 686868..

Justin Trudeau “It’s important to create a culture that allows for mental health treatment on a daily basis.”Compassion, empathy and understanding are essential.“.

He stressed that Covid-19 global epidemic Has been the source of Tension After business closures, holidays, work from home and online classes. In addition, he highlighted his work. Frontline Doctors As he “provided courageous care despite extremely stressful work conditions and concerns about bringing the COVID-19 virus home.”

The President of Canada reminded that the purpose of this year’s commemoration is to “make mental health care a reality for all”, for which he explained that his government is taking steps to Mental health Become part of Public health system From Canada.

He emphasized that a welfare facility had been launched last year, which he had access to. One million 700 thousand Canadians Where crisis and drug addicts were helped and counseled.

He concluded by commenting that he was working to address the underlying issues that affect people’s mental health. Inequality Invests in sustainable and caring communities in Canada. Welfare Institutions Supporting and fighting older adults racism.



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