Juveniles have a ‘click’ with the horror of verano, but adults do it – Meczyki

The sizable text text has been updated with the opinion of Alejandro Moreno published here El Financiro.

The President López obeys an announcement that the Prime Minister has announced an initiative to the Congress to quit the veracity of verano, such an act that we do two times at a time to admire or attach a hora to the reloj.

On his own, the President had a real inquiry for the Secretariat of the Governing Body, in a quagmire, he commented, 71 per cent of the people involved in the apocalypse that it was quite a horror de verano. The mandate has no more details about the inquest, but the entrepreneur says that his proposition of canceling the horror of the horror has a resounding greatness among the public.

We meditate on the day of the civadadana al respect, and not so much as obtuvimus datos de las que cita el presidente, sino que, desagregar las opines por subgrupos, result que la propuesta mácuenta mácenta de. Presidents who follow their own interests.

Accompanied by the national EL FINANCIERO, realized from 27 to 29 May, the opinion is divided on this topic: 35 because the people consulted to show favoritism from the horror of verano, while from 4 to the opposite There is no end to the posture, it decides, it is not a favor or a contraindication of the horror of humor. This group of “indifferentes” represents a publicity stunt.

Describing the social subgroups as observing that there are totals like comrades dividing opinions, but not expressing themselves as a mayor’s indifference to the theme. For his part, the young men of 30 years are the ones who are more in favor of the horror of verano, waiting for the group of 30 to 49 years to reach the mayor.

If these differences of opinion are interesting, the more attention they pay, the more followers of Morena are the ones who are more in favor of the horror of verano. Los morenistas do not express a great posture, but only in the sentient contraction to the President’s proposal: Enter the morenistas, 45 per ciento está a favor del horario de verano and 35 por ciento en contra.

For your part, the opioids divided opinions with a lighter inclination to recall: 32 because they are in favor and 38 because they are against. But those who are more interested are the apartheidists, with 31 per cent feeling the favor of verano and 43 per cent against. Even the most important clauses, the President, with his proprietorship, parenting and not having much to do with his followers, especially with the opposition and, in particular, with the apartheid, their quails depend on their new popularity.

With the President’s appraisal of the United Nations, there was an effect on the partisanship: those who despise the labor of López Obrador are the ones who are most at odds with the horror of verano.

From the maneuver, the postures respect the horror of verano entrances to the cudadanos that are pro-4T and anti-4T from a sentinel inversion to the presuppositional prescription: who are with the 4T is much more favorable to the horror of the enemy than the 4T is more in contra. The neutralizers hacked the 4T también from incarcerated to the antidote to the horror of verano, even in these subgroups registering more opinions.

These are the results of the inquest, the initiation of López Obrador quitar the horror of verano no solante refleja una vieja postura that manifested that there was a jeff from the Gobierno capital, but that the love that was jealous The capital capital that is adverso.

Controversy over other prophetic hiccups by the President, the cancellation of the veracity of verano no paresis ir sintinía with its proprietor seguidores, sino con los seguidores, reales y potenciales, de sus adversarios politicos, as como de hackerias politicos, así como Its proprietors follow the 4T.

In the event of a congressional hearing about this, it was decided that López Obrador would take action. And if April, there would be a medal more in the field of mandario. There is a difference between a topic that is not important but a public opinion.