Kamala Harris has a low profile after the chaos in Afghanistan.

While President Joe Biden. And key members of its national security team have faced criticism and outrage over the Taliban’s rapid decline in Afghanistan – and scenes of chaos and carnage as Americans and Afghans try to get out of the country. Vice President Kamala Harris Has a low profile.

This is April 25, when Harris appeared in CNN’s “State of the Union” and proudly confirmed that he was hosting Dana Bush, as Bush said, “the last person in the room” Biden. With that, he decided to end US intervention in Afghanistan.

“And you feel comfortable. [with Biden’s decision]? Bash followed.

“I do, and I’m going to add to that,” Harris said. “He is a president with extraordinary courage. He is a man I have seen over and over again based on what he really believes – based on his years of working and studying these issues. – It is right to do what he really believes.

Vice President Kamala Harris
Vice President Kamala Harris cut short a meeting with the CEO to discuss the Biden administration’s childcare proposals as the Taliban began occupying Afghanistan.
Jonathan Ernst / Reuters

However, with Horrible And Sad pictures Emerging from Afghanistan every hour, Harris has not been seen in public since Thursday, when he cut short a meeting with CEOs to attend an intelligence briefing on the Biden administration’s childcare proposals. So the Taliban launched their last operation.

Since then, she has only appeared in photographs taken by the White House. His only public statements are on Twitter. She was not on Biden’s side, As he has been on other occasions., When he tried to defend his decision to withdraw all US combat troops from Afghanistan. White House address Monday..

As the situation in Afghanistan worsened over the weekend, Harris took part. Week And Sunday video conferencing. With Biden’s national security team. Massive funny pictures. The White House’s Twitter account posted that Harris was attending the conference from the vice president’s official residence and occupying one of several boxes on a screen in front of Biden, which is a conference room in Camp David. I was sitting alone.

Harris’ official account retweeted a photo of Saturday’s video conference. On Monday, when Biden made a strong statement justifying his decision to withdraw US troops, Harris tweeted.“For two decades, our brave service members have sacrificed their lives in Afghanistan. We will always be grateful and proud.

Vice President Kamala Harris
Vice President Kamala Harris attended meetings with Biden’s national security team over the weekend.
Chip Somodovilla / Getty Images

He added that ending the US military intervention in Afghanistan was the right decision.

On Tuesday, Harris doubled. Another tweet It read: “We went to Afghanistan about 20 years ago. Now our mission is to keep our people, our allies and vulnerable Afghans safe outside the country.”

On Wednesday morning, the White House tweeted another photo of the national security briefing. Harris sat to Biden’s right, wearing a mask and staring at the briefing book with an expression that could be thought or hurt.

The photo was retweeted from Harris’ account.

Harris is set to end his public silence on Thursday with an address to the annual convention of the National Association of Black Journalists. The next day, she leaves Washington for Singapore and Vietnam, one after another overseas. Rocky journey to Mexico and Guatemala Back in June

President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris.
Vice President Kamala Harris will leave for Washington on August 20 for her second foreign trip.
Oliver Contres / Sepa via AP Images.

In Southeast Asia, Harris is expected to send signals from the Biden administration’s end of Afghanistan to allies on the other side of the continent. Terrible China..

Harris’s office did not respond to questions from The Post about whether it should have acted more publicly in light of the situation in Afghanistan, including in Biden’s remarks Monday. Should have


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