Kenny Goulade is ready to do ‘big plays’ for the giants in the opener.

The guilt of the new-look giants will be revealed later on Sunday.

Recipients Kenny Golde and. Cadarius Tony., And the tight end Kyle Rudolph – all of whom missed the bulk of the training camp – are off the injury report and have been cleared Play in the season opener against the Broncos..

The giants will be deeply threatened by their 72 72 million free agent, their first-round rookie speedster and their experienced red zone. Their hard end will not be Avon Engram (Calf), who was rejected. Residents of Barclays are fleeing. (Knee) and Cornerback Edward ‘Jackson (ankle) are listed as objectionable, but both tend to play on a practice basis.

“I will play the way I am playing. [since] Before I make a deal, “Golde said.” I’m going out hungry, ready to compete and try to make plays. Whenever No. 19 is called in to make a play, I I want to be there to answer that. I think they brought me here to make great plays, and I want to do that. I’m doing a lot in my career.

After averaging 17.5 points per game last season – better than just the Jets – the Giants invested in playmakers. But, on one occasion in August, it looked like Engram, Sterling Shepard and Darius Slaton جو who were the mainstay of last year’s crime ہوں would be the only targets available to Daniel Jones in Week 1, since then, they’ve scored 3. – for-1 Trade in gaining newcomers, but losing Engram.

Kenny Golade.
Kenny Golade will be on the field for the Giants’ season opener.

However, the time lost in the exercise affected the chemistry. Every giant who has spoken in the past week seems to have warned of a possible slow start.

“We have some experts in the crime who have done a lot of drama in this league,” Golde said, “but as far as we’re all playing as one, it’s going to be difficult with just one week.” [of practice] Out there. “

Golde led the NFL in 2019 with 11 touchdown catches, at the top of his career at 1,190 racing yards. He took 70 catches in his career in 2018.

“I’m feeling much better,” Golde said. “I’m able to do pretty much everything. Once I could get out of there and not think about it, I could play on my own.

The Broncos DE Bradley Chubb (ankle) has been listed as objectionable – a possible break for the Giants’ offensive line. The left is expected to fight Chub Andrew Thomas.

The other eight giants were listed as practically limited participants but not in danger of losing the game.

The Giants have won just one of their last nine season openers (2016).

“There is no game in history that is relevant or a season of history that is related to what is going to happen this year,” the head coach said. “Every game is free. A new team every year.


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