Kenny Omega talks about how his time with WEO affected his career

It just feels like yesterday AW Came into existence In just two years, Kenny Omega And the rest of the AW roster has made great strides in expanding its new pro wrestling company.

Kenny Omega was the special guest recently Wrestling Observer Radio Article when to discuss all things AW Dynamite As he approached his two-year birthday, Omega was asked what the last two years of AEW have been like, and he admitted that while things are incredibly rewarding, the process also extended his life. Is.

“It passes in the blink of an eye,” Kenny Omega admitted. “I think it may have given me and my career a little bit of age. I feel like it’s been a long time since my career when I thought the opposite would happen. I thought maybe American television wrestling would be easier on me, on my body, and on everything. But it’s the same, a different brand of punishment that you bring on yourself, but everything really. It’s also beneficial. Not only am I learning new skills that play an important role in racing, but I’m also able to dip my fingers in other projects. “

Kenny Omega says the new skills he is learning as part of AEW are very useful

Kenny Omega talked about the AW console game he is currently in charge of monitoring and such things he could never do in Japan.

Kenny Omega added, “A great tool for me is heading the creative design of our console and PC video games, and you know it keeps me really busy,” Kenny Omega continued. “Of course age orientation is another thing. I am able to try and try a lot of things that I could never do in Japan, not because I was banned but just not had the opportunity, or you know the style. Not called for, or we don’t run a traditional live television product, so being here and being a part of AEW has really allowed me to take on new challenges, and I think That matters are always interesting and sustainable

Are you surprised that working with AOE has taken Kenny Omega’s pro wrestling career more years? To what extent do you expect the best bout machine to create a color competition? Let us know your thoughts by giving us a voice in the comments section below.

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