Kenny provides an update on Omega AW’s upcoming console game and its possible release date

In November 2020, Kenny Omega Officially announced AW The console was working on a video game with the former WWE Developer, UK Although not updated much in recent months, the Omega and UK teams are working hard.

Kenny Omega was the recent special guest Wrestling Observer Radio When the topic of AEW’s upcoming video game came up to discuss everything, Omega talked openly about the process of putting it together. The enthusiasm of the AW World Champion was evident during the conversation.

“So far we’ve got a lot of cool stuff in the game that I think the fans are really going to love,” said Kenny Omega. “We’re starting to work on some more character models, and a lot of them aren’t 100 complete, but when you see them coming together, and you start to look like the person Then you look at the wrestling engine, and how the matches in the gameplay start to flow, it starts with a lot of bones and each one has a placeholder movement, but when you do the real moves It’s really interesting to see and start looking at different other systems we’re adding. “

Kenny Omega says AEW’s first console game will be out of “Hope” next year

Kenny Omega in AW
Kenny Omega in AW

Although many fans are excited to get their hands on the game, Kenny Omega reminded everyone that the company has no plans to speed up its release. With AW and Yux hoping for the game’s release next year, it’s impossible to rule out a solid date. by that time.

Omega added, “So far, so good, but it’s going to be a process, and I’ve said it before, but it’s not something we’re running into.” “We hope to get rid of it by next year. But [we] Under no circumstances can a solid history be made. “

Are you excited about the AW console game? Will it be a one-day purchase for you when it is expected to come out in 2022? Let us know your thoughts by giving us a voice in the comments section below.

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