Kenya is based at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in West Atlanta

Kanye West is seen on the program

Kanye West is seen on the program “Dande az Kanye West” on July 22, 2021 at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia.
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Well, it looks like Kenny West is working Kenny West again. This time, Shenyang is taking place in Georgia.

It has been reported TMZ The musical icon resides at Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium, where he has set up a private chef as well as a studio and residence to prepare his meals.

Kanye is reportedly using his time at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium to complete his new album. ڈونڈا, Named after his late mother Donda West. The rapper hosted an album listening party at the stadium on July 22 and I guess he just decided he didn’t want to leave.

A few days later, he was spotted at an Atlanta United soccer match, wearing the same outfit he wore to the audience this Thursday.

According to TMZ, apparently Kanye was so impressed with the crowd at his listening party that he decided to stay until the album was released, according to TMZ.

We have no idea if Kanye has added new songs to the album or if he’s just making some minor tweaks, but what I do know is that living in a sports arena would probably be really lit.

I wouldn’t mind getting ready in the morning and just going upstairs for a pivotal NFC South matchup once the NFL season gets underway. Seeing the Calvin Ridley and Kyle Pitts tandem as a Sunday household hobby would be pretty exciting.

Kanye is eyeing an August 6 release date for Donda, and it’ll be interesting to see if living in the stadium will give him some inspiration to include more of a sports theme to his music.

Maybe he’ll get Julio Jones to hop on a track … oh, wait, he’s not there anymore, because the Falcons let him go for a second- and fourth-round pick.

I’m sorry, Falcons fans, but that’s still egregious to me. Let’s hope Donda comes out better than the team’s front-office decisions.


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