Kevin Durant, Dreammond Green tells everyone about the battle of the infamous warriors.

It wasn’t a viral argument between Kevin Durant and Dreammond Green three years ago that led the superstar forward to the net. Instead, it is what happened later that set the wheels in motion for Durant’s departure, both players believe.

Early 2018-19 season, The two players had a heated argument. When Green threw the ball late in the tie game regulation against the Clippers and failed to get it to Durant. They had to be separated on the bench and later thrown into the locker room after the damage, Green questioned Durant’s loyalty to Warren as his independent agency opened. In an interview on the Bleacher Report.The two All-Stars solved the problem and they think it was mishandled by coach Steve Carey and general manager Bob Myers.

“It was not an argument,” Durant said. “It was a way that everyone – Steve Kerr – behaved as if it didn’t happen. Bob Myers tried to discipline you and thought it would cover everything up. It really felt like that.” It was such a big situation for us as a group, the first time we went through something like this.

“We had to end it all.… We tried to dance around it. Just the atmosphere about it all, it just made it weird for me. I’m the one instead of what we say we are.” Yes, family first, communication is key. We didn’t show it. It rubbed me wrong more than anything.

Green said he had a long talk the next day with Myers and Kerr. They both wanted to apologize to Durant, but Green wanted to handle it.

Kevin Durant and Dreammond Green.
Kevin Durant and Dreammond Green.
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“I told him, ‘I’ll talk to (Durant), but you won’t tell me what I need to say,'” he recalled.

After about two hours of talking, Green went home. They brought him the next day and asked him to apologize again.

“I told them over and over, ‘You’re going to end it. [people] The one who can give this right is me and (Durant). There is nothing you can do, and you can move on. And in my opinion, they encouraged it.

“I think so,” Durant said.

Myers then told Green that he was going to suspend him for the next game. Green said he laughed at that.

“Either I’ll laugh at your face or I’ll laugh at you,” Green said. “I’m going to choose to laugh.”

At the end of this season in the NBA Finals, which the Warriors lost to the Raptors, Durant tore his Achilles tendon and then signed with the Nets. Green and Durant reunited at Olympic basketball, having just won a gold medal in Tokyo.

The militants have not been the same since.


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