Kill suspected thief undercover

Juarez City- A secret police officer from the Municipal Public Security Secretariat (SSPM) shot an attacker who tried to rob a convenience store.

SSPM confirmed that the attacker died and that he carried a pistol with which he shot the policeman when he tried to escape from the commercial activity.

The store is located at the intersection of Ponciano Arriaga and Domingo García streets, in the Revolución Mexicana district.

Witnesses confirmed that the secret agent chased him for a block and a half.

The same authorities reported the arrest of a man who presumably acted as a companion to the person who entered the store to rob, who was waiting for him blocks ahead.

SSPM secured a firearm and the money from the violent assault.

The municipality’s general security secretary, César Omar Muñoz, had announced that municipal police officers are designated as secretive in various commercial activities, as part of the strategy to limit crime when people and companies handle more money at the end of the year.


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