Killed by a truck on the Saltillo-Zacatecas highway

On the road Saltillo-Zacatecas A man was left inert after being run over by a flatbed truck.

The incident occurred around 23:00 hours last Wednesday, a few kilometers before Agua Nueva ejido, Saltillo, near kilometer 25 approximately.

According to witnesses, the now deceased, identified as Ernesto Velazquez, crossed the road as the heavy unit passed from north to south, driving over him and hitting his head.

Through the system of e911 mergencies, the witnesses requested the support of the authorities.

Firefighters arrived at the scene, but they just confirmed the man’s death.

The operator of the unit, who stopped his march meters in front, said that when he noticed that the man was crossing the road he could no longer stay in time; he was detained to establish liability.

Staff from National Guard the motorway department to flag the accident site, staff from Expert posts at the Public Prosecutor’s Office (FGE), which conducted the proceedings in the case.

At the end of the work, the experts ordered that the removal of the body be transferred to Forensic service (Semefo), where the team autopsy will be performed.


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