Killer Campbell, the killer drug dealer, demands deadly ‘armed response’ after the return of Kimani Martin

Summon backup, source shotgun, switch to a stolen car and go hunting – that’s how drug dealer Kishrane Campbell took his deadly revenge on his robber, all within an hour. Sadly, he succeeded in his brutally effective search as he and his companions found 18-year-old Kimani Martin and two unknown friends in Tividale, fleeing in a taxi.

Atif Khan, while running a hunting party in a stolen Volkswagen Golf, pulled up next to a taxi and from more than three meters away Campbell fired a shotgun which blew up the helpless young man. In a few hours, he will re-activate the shooting and be captured on CCTV.

Significantly, his cell phone and the ‘I wish’ golden chain, which had been stolen earlier that night, were found on the seat next to Mr Martin’s body. Campbell went from hunter to victim as police began their investigation.

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Khan, 25, of Park Lane East, Tipton, was found guilty of murder after a trial at Birmingham Crown Court Campbell, aged 24 and unknown. Usman Amjad, 22, who had no known address, was found guilty of murder.

The three killers will be sentenced on Wednesday, June 29. Luke Adams, 20, of Green Sideway, Walsall, was found not guilty of murder and was acquitted.

Atif Khan runs a hunting party in a stolen Volkswagen Golf

One of the salient features of the case was the speed of Campbell’s revenge in early June 20 last year, West Midlands Police Detective Inspector Jim Colcollo told Birmingham Live. He said: “What has been brought home is how easily those firearms were available for immediate revenge as a result of what happened to this group of people.

“After snatching his phone and gold chain and money, he was able to call an armed response very quickly. It was an armed response that was able to bring a firearm to the scene. They chased after him, shot him in the back of a small taxi with four occupants, without thinking how many could be killed.

Kamani Oshane Martin
Kimani Martin
(Photo: West Midlands Police)

Telephone evidence suggests that Campbell and Martin have been in contact for some time, although it is not known if they had a long-term relationship. In the early hours of June 20 last year, the court heard that Campbell was driving his Volvo with Adams, and picked up Mr Martin and two of his associates.

He asserted that his confession had been obtained through torture, and that his confession had been obtained through torture. But instead, Mr Martin and his friends snatched his phone, chain and money from him, while tying Adams in a car boot, the court heard.

“I have no doubt that Campbell saw it as a money-making, drug-buying business. Clearly, it didn’t work out,” said DI Kolklu.

0 Usman Amjad Wm
Usman Amjad, 22, who had no address, was found guilty of the massacre

Evidence suggests that Mr Martin and his accomplices left Volvo on Toder Road, Oldbury, hid behind some trees and called a taxi belonging to Campbell, using their newly acquired phone. Meanwhile, Campbell and Adams met Khan and Amjad on Barnett Street, where they boarded Khan’s BMW. But soon after, he went to the stolen golf course and went in search of the robbers.

Soon they saw him in a taxi. DI Colcullo confirmed that shotgun shells were found on the roof of the taxi, and said that the shooting could have “easily” resulted in several deaths, as well as Mr Martin, who was taken to hospital where he was pronounced dead. went.

Detective Inspector Jim Colklow From West Midlands Police
Detective Inspector Jim Colklow from West Midlands Police
(Photo: Birmingham Mail)

Defendants dug into the mosque’s car park and drove to an address in nearby Anderson Gardens. Khan went out to go home at some point. The other three reappeared at Amjad’s address, a multi-family home in Walsall, but not before leaving for McDonald’s on the way.

Police later recovered some bed sheets from the property with bullet wounds. At one point, other unknown individuals collected the golf and burned it. Police were able to draw up a timeline of events based on evidence such as CCTV and mobile phone analysis, while the defendant’s own statements – some of which were late until the first day of the trial – were blank, DI Kolklu said. Filled in the blanks.

Campbell even confessed to being a shooter and ambitiously confessed to the massacre. Mr Colin lamented that Mr Martin “lived a life that led him to become involved in drugs”, adding that he was aware of the lucrative lure of immediate cash towards a young man. However, his family tried to get rid of him.

He concluded by paying homage to the mother of the deceased. DI Kolklu said: “She is sitting in every single day of trial. She is not in any illusion, her son was not an angel.

“She has heard the evidence of what happened to her son until the last moment. It was a really difficult situation. He realized what he was doing, what brought him to this state. But she was amazing.” In terms of how she has been helping other family members who came with her.

“He is a credit to his family. He has put himself above blame.”

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