Kim Newton’s comments about the release of the Patriots make the teams reluctant to sign.

If you’re still catching the NFL off-season, cut the Patriots. Kim Newton At the end of the pre-season Mc Jones. Moving forward will begin. Kit was the biggest surprise of Kit Day for most people, who expected Newton to be a starter for at least a few seasons. Even if he didn’t win the initial job, he was expected to stay around the young quarterback and guide him.

Instead, Newton finds himself without a job. When asked why he thought he was cut off from the team, Newton thought it was political, according to what he said. YouTube via ESPN.

“The reason they left me was that, indirectly, I was going to be upset without a starter,” said Kim Newton.

He also went on saying this. Mc Jones. It hurts Kim Newton Behind it, according to YouTube via Sports Center..

Newton’s comments raise eyebrows around the league, which is why many people call him the best free agent on the market for a variety of reasons. Here’s a look at why some teams were prevented from commenting, while others are more interested.

Kim Newton’s comments must have made the teams more and more hesitant at the same time.

More hesitant teams.

Safe and stable franchises would be immediately barred from commenting on Kim Newton. If Newton sees himself as a threat to start a quarterback as a backup quarterback, it creates instability.

Of course, stable and stable franchises do not want instability. Quarterbacks who are stressed about their jobs rarely pass. Even stable quarterbacks can open if they feel someone is breathing down their neck. Under pressure, quarterbacks push the ball harder in an attempt to impress the coaches, but in the end hurt themselves.

In 2019, Carson Wentz. Throwed 27 touchdowns and seven interceptions. In 2020, with the selection of the second round. Jillian Hurts. In the building, Ventz threw 16 touchdowns and 15 blocks. Simply put, adding a quarterback of Newton’s ability to the backup spot could have a snowball effect that reveals a quarterback.

Less hesitation

Some franchises have quarterbacks that they are not happy about, but they feel trapped until the weather is bad. If the team is struggling but the quarterback is doing well and the team removes the quarterback, a general manager may be fired.

New England Patriots vs. Philadelphia Eagles
New England Patriots vs. Philadelphia Eagles

However, if they sign an obstacle like Kim Newton as a backup and open up the starting quarterback, the general manager will have a good reason to move on. Teams like the Atlanta Falcons and the Las Vegas Riders can find themselves in this position.

Other teams may be present, but the general manager is unhappy with the solid statistical quarterback as he gets.

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