Kingdom expected to return to throne after battle royal against Meetho

Sunday, July 31

Croke Park, Dublin. 4:00

Referee: Maggie Farrelly (Cavan)

When Mark Twain said that ‘the only two certainties in life are death and taxes’ he would certainly have added a third if the meth women’s football team was in the works at the time, because there is no doubt that once the ball was hit Thrown at 4 o’clock. Next Sunday, Carey will use a different tactical game plan to any of the games featured so far in the Championship.

That doesn’t mean that the Kingdom’s mind-set will oust the attacking formula that has served them so well in the championship so far, but they certainly have to modify the way they play if they are to bring the Brendan Martin Cup. Will happen. Back in the state for the first time in 27 years.

Meath operates a system that is notoriously difficult to play against and a blueprint that has been a huge winner since they first made it national to the 2021 Division Two National Football League final. In many ways the game was a horror film for the state, and they could not face the organized but unconventional kind of runners who counterattacked to devastating effect that day.

The best way to describe this myth team would be a love child between the 2012 Donegal men’s team and the 2021 Tyrone team, with a large amount of body mixing behind the ball when they lose their right, and Frantic attack frenzy when they attack you in broken game.

The teams have been sticking to what they have done this season and they haven’t been as impressive as in 2021, but they are still putting out results to reach this level. Dublin battled them out in the Leinster final and beat them 1–7 1–5 but have been unbeaten since.

A first-round championship series draw with Armagh followed a 0–9 to 0–9 draw with a 1–13 0–1 victory over a hapless Monaghan team before the gifted Emma Duggan’s final second point on the line. He was seen stumbling. Quarterfinals against Galway

Duggan produced more heroics against Donegal in the semi-finals when he scored three points in the final ten minutes to lead his side to a 0-12 1-7 victory. Math played very conservatively in the first half and went 1-3 to 0-3 at the break, but completely changed his strategy at the start of the second period and had a devastating effect on Donegal’s kick-out.

Six unanswered points propelled the Royals to a three-point lead by the three-quarter mark and although Donegal tried hard to gain a foothold on the game after that, Meath closed up shop once again to watch the game.

Carey would be acutely aware of Meath’s ability to cleverly turn things around when needed, and Declan Quill mentioned this when he asked his team to implement Plan A, B, C and D. Gotta be ready. There’s no doubt that patience will be the key word in Carey’s dressing room if she has to beat this myth outfit.

Carey’s scoring totals so far have been excellent and have managed to get 13-49 in their four matches, which is more than 3-12 per game. Meath, on the other hand, has scored just 2-46 runs in his four matches, which is less than a goal of a game and just below twelve points.

We all know that Carey has attacking money with Lewis née Mhuirchartagh, Sioffra O’Shea and Danielle O’Leary, so it’s the debit column that’s probably more interesting in the context of the game. Carey has won five of his four matches at 5-44, a slightly higher average of 1–11 per competition, while Meath has trailed 2-28 in his four matches, averaging less than a goal. game and conceded just seven points.

It’s clear that every score against this myth outfit is hard-earned and opportunities will have to be taken when they present themselves. To be honest, Kerry is doing this so far and the sloppy business and missed opportunities have been completely minimized. They will have to continue in a similar fashion against the Royals as they turn Croke Park into Hell’s Kitchen once again.

Match-up Kerry will be the key to the cause. Kayleigh Cronin or Ashling O’Connell would probably choose Emma Duggan and Cat Lynch has done a great job on Talisman Vicki Vol in the past. Powerful runners from the deep like Emma Troy, Katie New and Orleth Lally will have to cancel out and keep freebies to a minimum, with accurate Stacy Grimes.

Carey reached the final with a clear bill of health and is more than likely to choose the same side that started against Mayo in the semi-finals. It is certainly not going to be a high scoring affair and will be the key for Carey going into the final quarter in front of the opposition.

Billie Jean King, the great tennis player once said, “Champions keep playing until they get it right.” Meath did just that last year, but the growing feeling is that this year it’s Kerry’s time. By 5.30 p.m. Sunday we should expect Caherdaniel’s Anna Galvin to hoist the Brendan Martin cup over her head in the Hogan stand.

Verdict: Kerry