Kiskeam’s Padraig and his urban search and rescue dog Cooper make grim search among the rubble of Ukraine

Padraig O’Keeffe, a Kischem native and former French foreign general and someone working as a security contractor in some of the world’s most volatile hotspots, made a serious discovery this week when his specially trained K9 Urban Search and Rescue The dog, Cooper, located his first carcass (corpse).

Edrig, who recently arrived in Ukraine, has spent his time in the country combing through the ravaged Borodyanka area in Buka Raion, Ukraine’s Kyiv Oblast, and it was here last Monday that he and Cooper found human remains. Found buried under the rubble of what appears to be a ditch.

Spoke to Padraig corkman on Wednesday further explained how he and Cooper had discovered the body.

“It was a collapsed ditch situation. While we were working our way down the lane, Cooper was working his way down when he broke to the left, where the ditch line up — before it either filled up or collapsed.” Went across the laneway and there was a hole in it with all kinds of clothes and stuff,” said Padreg.

He [Cooper] Went in the hole, came back out and he worked around it for a bit. I followed him and I really smelled myself, but he went back in. He fixed his nose again and he gave me a vocal warning signal,” he continued.

Going on, Padreg that so little of the body remains that you’d struggle to define it as a corpse.

“Now, I don’t know if you can even call it a corpse. It would take a whole lot of digging to define it. But what is a dog? [Cooper] The warp was part of the uniform or clothing – which was apparently completely discolored – and it was that the body melted into the uniform. It was completely liquefied, it was completely liquefied and it had gone through all the stages of decomposition,” he said.

“As I descended I could see clumps of it, I don’t know how to describe it, with flesh still tufts of human hair attached to it,” he continued.

After confirming that it was indeed the human remains that he had discovered, Padreg reported the discovery to his contact who took note of the location.

Further down the road from this first discovery as he and Cooper continued their search for more survivors or bodies, Padregg described how he and Cooper discovered another possible body buried in an open field field. .

“After that, I drove Cooper further down the street and we came to an open field field with houses on the left, houses on the right, and a shed area in front of us. Now, there was a lot of debris because he had a pile [debris] The shore was piled up and the site was cleared as such. Now, I am told that the area, down that path, was notorious for torture and executions by Russian soldiers,” he said.

“I let Cooper go and he got into action mode and he started going around the spot but he kept coming back to a particular spot in the field. He didn’t give me any kind of vocal warning signal because he was full. It’s kind of new to find human cadaver body parts this way because I would have trained in human teeth and hair,” he continued.

“He [the liaison] came running to the site and asked if we had found any, but there were no signs of anyone visible, so it was probably a dead body that had been buried. He was asking me or the percentage and I told him I could go 50/50 to see if there was anyone buried there and his response was ‘Look, even though there’s just a 1 percent chance that it’s a burial of ours, it’s worth it’ Worth digging.

They noted the location, they made some calls and requested for excavation of the site,” he said, before noting that he did not know when the site would be excavated, adding that it could be excavated. be a week, a month or more before it is done.

As far as he himself is handling the extremely difficult task he is embarking on, padregg that you don’t have time to focus on that and you are meant to work to the best of your ability.

“After that we don’t pay attention to it. Our job is to trace these bodies so that the location can be ascertained,” he said.

Finally, Padraig has set up a Go Fund Me page to help cover the estimated €20,000 cost of the search and rescue mission in Ukraine and is asking if people can donate anything, please do so. to do. Fundraising link can be found Here,