La CRE y Melchi, coto de pestilencia

POR INSTRUCCIÓN O Reassure Leopoldo Vicente Melchi GarciaIn the wake of the Commission for the Regulation of Energy (CRE), it has been transformed into an integral part of the industry and the energy industry.

And that is why it seems that long ago the era of goblins Transformación, the country has given up the pursuit of more than 100 million dollars.

From Solo NL Sector Gasolinro to Tainen Congelados Mes D 500 Permisus Para Niveas Estaciones, que Arrogen Niveas Inversion D 750 Million M Pesos, Mill 500 Employees Directors Y Synco Mill Indirectus.

As the President of the CRE, Melchi has conducted two critiques: satisfying all the caprices of the Secretariat of Energy, Rocío Nahleand contribute to the decentralization of the autonomous organization, to convert the ventilated única to the approximation or cancellation of energy in material materials.

In this way, Melchi has an extraordinary effect on destabilizing the avanzado, and if he asks for it, he will go astray.

Recorded in its legacy, execute the most fun of the CRE, to maintain its compa- tions with pemex and for its recommendations, without the idea of ​​responsiveness and accountability. Functions to the privileged empires that have inverted the empowerment of Reform Energy Enrique Peیناa Nieto.

If there is a large cantidad of gasoline carbs, or with new installations, but without the functionality and with the distractions of the Pemex franchise, it will be clear that Melchie García does not have to deal with the very important concerns For the services of gasoline operators operated by specifications, in its size and zones with greater efficiency for “huachicoleo”.

Only for the city of Mexico and the state of Mexico, its negativity to despise the solicited pendents from 2019 or more is desolate.

Melchi, who does not want to facilitate the presidency of the CRE, or who would like to have a second vote in the Senate of the Republic, does not recognize what it means to be an autonomous organization.

Como si fuera un “siervo de la nación”, asegura a sus cercanos que él solamente sigue órdenes directas de Presidente Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

The interior can be considered, because those who have the available concessions to operate gasoline will have a lot of fun in the media and economic economy of some of its operators.

This is because of the fact that our families have been involved in the jurisprudential structure of their legacy and that they are willing to pass on some of the solicitudes of the Pemex franchise, regardless of the application of the “normalization of indifference conceivable”. Manipulate the administrative processes or the expectations, but always follow the specifications that no furon recommended or that “no se alinaeron”.

Melissa Ramírez, the newcomer to the biomedical profession, if she had a problem with hydrocarbons from the firm to the sea, first by Melchi García, that she would give her (her) something to talk about. There are so many comrades.

Given the pretext of the pandemic and the contravention of what seems to be the rest of the public administration, with all and the limitations of the republican austerity, Melchi mantiene cerrados los plazos y terminos de los trimites.

In general, so be aware of the expectations that are usually not agreed upon or recommended, or that it is the same with its jurisprudential equipments.

From the beginning of the evening the audience was moved to expect that the other commissions could intervene or make the celebrity in the tricks or, peacocks, that would ruin the dinner party.

On various occasions the Federal Competitiveness Commission has recommended, in the first instance, the discriminatory treatment in favor of gasoline pemex and, above all, the rights of the libertarians. Competitiveness of the barrels, to limit the commercialization of gasoline, thanks to which promotes the huchaicoleo and the inflation.

Emilio Azkarraga

HOY EN LA tarde Televisa de Emilio AzkarragaGrupo Omnilife de اموری ورگارا y FEMSA de Jose Antonio Fernandez CarvajalThere will be many appearances on the list of the studios that will be in the Copa del Mundo 2026. Anuncio lo hara la FIFA, que preside Gianni InfantinoNew York The Mexican Football Federation that commands Eun de Louisa y la Liga MX que capitanea Michael Areola We’ve been able to find a way to get the Aztec Estados of CdMx, Akron de Guadalajara and BBVA de Monterrey together with the best partners. Competing against 41 cities of the United States and Canada, the only ones who won were only 16 seats. The Azteca inclined to be with everyone for the sake of opening. The theme is not for the President Anders Manuel Lopez Obrador ni para la jefa de Gobierno Claudia Schenbaum.

Leon Blake

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Francisco Cesneros

UNA Batla Legal Amenaza con desbordarse en Mexico dele Deloitte, que preside globally Panit rangey EY, que encabeza Carmen de Cebu. We are discussing the two main firms of consultation and assessment of the negotiations of the world. In our country we have a great deal of potential services for the principal Mexican empires. Deloitte tiene su origen en Galaz, Yamazaki, Ruiz Urquiza, mientras que EY en Mancera, las dos con una larga tradición. The first in a row, when Salieron was released from 15 Deloitte executives to sum up the EY files. The first one, which will come soon Francisco Cesnerosamaga con demandar a la segunda, al mando de Victor Soleil.