La Incompatencia Como Strategia de Seguridad – El Financiro

The decisions and comments of Andrés Manuel López Obrador this week made me revisit some of the pronouns of the events that may have killed the sigiueses of this administration:

But when it comes down to it, the Mexican president is a hombre with suerte.

And this is not a coincidence, but a lot of books on political issues, among the facts that definitively came to the fore the history of a gobernante, are among the elements of “suerte”. The story documentes how we individually have the experience and the capacity to be extraordinary gobernants, resulting in a simple and straightforward disassembly due to the fact that it is under control. For example, we have Joe Biden, possibly the most prepared person to be the President of the United States, with over 40 legislative experiences and a lot like vice president. Receiving a part of the world that convinces us of the importance of the mercado and the energy of the ambiguity of the place. el año entrante. The “suerte” factor of Biden has been able to reduce the fact that the salute of the President parece is estable, the pesar of his edit and the presuppositions that live on mandatorio.

Claro that López Obrador has made important strides, including the impact of COVID-19 in the economy, the salutation of publicity. The story is eventually definite, in many ways, if the politics of salutation of the Cuarta Transformer was an excito or a negligent criminal (considering the gravity of the representation of the COVID-19).

Pero, a comparación de otros mandatarios, Andrés Manuel López Obrador es un Presidente con suerte. Yes, because there is no escandalo, or tragedy that secures to its agenda. There is a possibility that this gossip will be effective with the strategy of “Caja China”, regardless of the publicity of the surgeries of corruption (for example, in the case of negotiations). de derecho (ustees escojan su violación preferreda), positiones autoritarias (algo que succi casi todos los das durante las “mañaneras”) o una abierta demostración y el estado de derecho al frívolo de Peña Nieto, aun)

Creo que el rubro donde menos se ha ha nakatado a Leppez Obrador, pero que merece una medalla especial, es el nombramiento de un gabinete y de funcionarios más incompatentes en la HISTORIA del país, en los puestos de la HISTORIA del paus, en los de la mdcobiles.

Botany is easy to understand with the name of Clara Luz Flores as the title of the Executive Secretary of the Public Security System, which is the same as the data of the goblins that are subtracted from the data. in mucode, the guerrilla in Ukraine: from 24 February to May 31, 4,826 deaths (data from the ONU) and in the first trimesters in Mexico were officially “7,354 homicides” (this is not included, lapiamente of the ONU). This is the same as the two Jesuits in Chihuahua.

The problem with the name Clara Luz is not so much that we see that we have CERO experiments in public security material, but we are still publicly following the Keith Raniere sect, leading the NXIVM sect.

Why is it that the number of people absolutes incapaces, especially in the more sensitive areas of the goblin?

There is a possibility that, at the moment, the “suratudo” of López Obrador and the Cuarta Transformation are not sensed by the political inconveniences and the poic espionage that has been observed in the society. Mexico.

But to pass the days, seasons and months, even the sorcerer of the President of Mexico to narrate that you are more than happy to say that the gobierno “negotiate”. There will be no number of functions, no, no incompatents will work on a strategy of “abrasions and no balazos” that no one has to deal with a negativity. This is a strategy of the state to organize crime for incompetence and incapacity.