La Istefa de la Verdad

We are embroiled in an incredible sense of incredulity and discord or we do not realize that it is false or verbal, or more, or that we do not intrigue or intrude the difference between these two major categories. Be it or not, pareciera que es mismo para comodidad y desahogo de qualquier culpa o resaca intellectual.

This act has led us to say that what is wrong is that which is negro or with the convenience of descriptive sostenemos that one can say that which is blank is negro or that which is negro is blank because even if it is unomoda.

Since then, we do not pretend to be cartoonists or some other prejudices, but the relativism has been made fun of the likes and dislikes of the sentient beings, because we decide that we will love them. And what they like to say, to another person they might find out more than the grotesque, the aroma is more acceptable to another person can be insoportable or the music is more relevant than anything else could be the classic. Algo similarly sucked with the moda, donde el gusto está en lo que le acomoda.

There is no crisis in our lives when with these principals some of us believe in the truth that treats those who feel and like. First we get the truth in a shirt with dogmatism, totalitarian ideologies, dictatorships and fascism that will convert the truth into decrees or edits of the mind of a solo hombre that confuses the con.

With the digital technology the salute fueled the other extreme, without mediating at a point intermediate or rational prudence. From the shirt that fell off, without control or meditation, a relativism crude and illiterate. And the tirano that imposes its “verdad” near the poder, ahora hay there are millions of tiranos that abusan del poder de tener en sus manos un dispositivo para imponer su verdar, sin fuentes, ni bases o fundamentos m ques que de loque loes he que yo digo , y por lo tanto es mi verdad, o más bien, es “la” verdad verdadera.

This is the banalism of the verbatim (Contreras, 2020), the one that we reduce to a simple idea and we compare with the great deed. We talk about the virus of discovery, we talk about social media information, rumors, speculations and conjures. A thematic theme of the country, sea politico, economical or communicative, the analysis of the memes, phrases and emoticons, poniyendo en evidencia la discadir de discernir o desicionar el asunto para asamilo. For this reason, we do not deviate from the verbatim and opt for porcupine and camouflage: that one can have his “proprietor” verbatim or his alternation of the realization that he has become like “posverdad”.

This is very much, when we ask the question which is the truth, responding with a simple and magical word with which we feel that there is a philosophical and eloquent dissertation. This word is the salida of 90 by the students, many professionals and periodists. The socorrida response is complete and sophisticated. This word is: depend.

This “dependence” is the expression that sostiene al relativismo actual y ahora con la posverdad transforma lo falso en verdadero y lo verdadero en “quién sabe”, y el quién sabe se transforma en “cada uno puede con lovenga en creer” as simple Is.

Ahora, la verdad depende de lo que yo paynse; The mind is dependent on what you think. It depends on the conditioner, implicit ester o quedar al arbitrio de nunstra voluntad o gusto. The simplest is: it is a capricorn of my volunteer, who wants to accept or consider my conveniences.

Because of this, we conclude that the era of verbalism has ended because the digital order has been replaced, since the core philosophy of Byung-Chul Han (2022). The so-called digital ordinances are based, basically, on the technology of the cells and the social sciences that we have transformed into the difference between what we know and what we believe to be “true”. This is very, very important when we ask a person about the data of a Facebook page, to respond to the sea: lo vi en Facebook, como si eso fuera garantía de veracidad.

But what is the source of this information? We insist, and the response is: “pues Facebook”, why this platform is a fountain and not a platform.

The basic philosophy is that the intelligent telephone has always been an effective informant that we have some constant vigilance. There are plenty of intelligent applications – smart apps – that are based on the Internet of Things. The smarthome – an intelligent house – transforming all the hogs into a digital process that registers many of our minutiae in our cotidiana. The intelligent aspiring robot that we hear near the stable of the limpieza is a cartograph from the house that recognizes the detects or sensors of the alarms that detect movements.

“Inspiring, Chul Han, we are like the models who follow you. They give you an image of a dimensional religiosity. The impacters, like inductors or motivators, are like salvadors. Buy the products that the impacts consume in their cotidian escenificada. In this way, the participants participate in a digital digital. The repertoire. The repertoire of the dramatics of the impacts not conducive to the abbreviated or the routine. But most of the conjunction of the character of a liturgical.

In fact, following the philosophy of Korano, this is totally altruistic because of the bots or robots in the red social media, which differs from news, ideas, discourse and the intolerance that influences the formation of public opinion. So we’ve got a digital psychopolitical concept with modified and influential electoral considerations. This is what happened with the terminus of infocura, the power of the information that ultimately led to the realization of the cosmos, confunded and abbreviated to the poserdad. This infographic characterization in the information from the donde “ser libre no means Actuar, sino hacer clic, dar al like y postear”.

De la banalización de la verdad se ha pasado a la excitación de las falsas noticias –fake news–. The verb parece que aburre, mientras que la mentira despierta una fascinación.

Because of this, the false notices, rumors or scandals in the red sociales atraen more than the hechos duros and concretos.

The precedent is that the crisis of La verdad is the release of the catalog or agenda of the society. Because of this, we say that we are in the final of the era of truth.

¿Será verdad todo esto?

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