La Mello talks about not having a college education in a GQ interview.

La Mello Ball took his way to the NBA.۔

La Mello Ball took his way to the NBA.
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La Melo Ball is the spot about higher education.

The thrilling young star did an interview with GQ that had an in-depth look at who he is and how he thinks.

As many people already know, Ball’s journey to the NBA was not a traditional one. He was a celebrity with his signature shoes as a teenager because of his family, and played professional basketball in Lithuania and Australia before Charlotte selected him for the third overall pick in 2020. Clearly, he would have been unable to compete anyway because of the amateur rules.

When asked if he regretted his decision to drop out of higher education, Ball told GQ:

“We don’t go out of school. We’re not dumb. We know how to learn. We don’t need school. And school doesn’t even teach you shit – what is school after all?”

The young man will later explain his comments on his Instagram story.

“Let me rewrite … school is not for everyone,” Ball said. “Now if you want to be a doctor, take the son (he) to the ass (school). So please don’t talk about mom saying I want to do something (I don’t want to) want to go to school

Hair description was key here.

Her initial comments will provoke some reactions from people as to how college degrees are perceived as a metric that separates those who exist and those who do not in our society.

But the truth is that higher education has different values ​​for everyone. For the ball, he has no weight because he is a 6 foot 8 player with the passing skills of Jason Kidd and Magic Johnson.

For 19-year-old lawyers or those seeking to become medical professionals, there is no other option. They should register better.

Also, the college serves as a buffer for many young adults trying to integrate into the real world. Outside of academics, many students need college in order to have the opportunity to grow and develop as people. Some people desperately need these life skills and others do not.

I’m glad Ball’s comments managed to start a conversation around education and how we view people with or without degrees. There is still an ugly stain that exists around people without them.

We must remember that degrees are not a measure of intelligence, and that many people have successful careers without them.

All the hair is saying that everyone has their own way and they need to make their own journey.

This is a lesson that everyone should be prepared to learn.


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