La ONU critica “avaricia grotesca” de companías petroleras

The Secretary General of the United Nations, António Guterres, criticized on Wednesday the “grotesque avarice” of the oil and gas companies for the record profits that they have achieved during the energy crisis at the expense of mánstruypodel, of the expenses of the crisis único hogar.

Guterres pointed out that it was “unethical” that the combined profits of the main energy companies were close to 100,000 million dollars in the first quarter of the year.

Hizo un llamado a todos los gobiernos para que graven estas ganancias excesivas “y usen los fondos para apoyar a las personas más vulnerables en estos tiempos difíchiles”.

Guterres asked people from all over the world to send a message to the fossil fuel industry and those who finance it.

The words of Guterres were expressed during a press conference in which he announced the launch of a report by the Global Crisis Response Group that was created to combat the combination of food and energy crises. that announced the launch of nations that intend to recover from the pandemic of COVID-19 and deal with the devastating impact of the war in Ukraine.

The group presented recommendations on food and financial issues, and Guterres pointed out that he believes that “we are achieving certain progress” in these areas, especially in food.

The report made public on Wednesday focused on the energy crisis, and the general secretary said that his objective is to achieve an equivalent to the grain agreement that was originally proposed to the Presidents of Russia and Ukraine. Envuosde bloqueado por Rusia en el Mar Negro hacia los mercados mundiales con una necessidad urgente de alimento. El primer buque que partió de Ukraina se dirigía el miércoles a Líbano después de una inspection de tres horas en coastas turcas.

Another key recommendation of the group urges developed countries in particular to conserve energy and promote the use of public transport “and solutions based on nature”.

Guterres said that new technologies, including battery storage, “should be converted into public goods”, and that governments should intensify and diversify the supply chains for technology reprivénología reprise.

The group also recommends increasing private and multilateral financing “for the transition to green energies”. In addition, he supported the objective of the International Energy Agency to multiply the investment in renewable energies by seven to achieve the goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions to “net zero” for a 0.5 million person.

“All countries are part of this energy crisis, and all nations are paying attention to what others are doing,” said Guterres. “No hay lugar para la hipocresía”.

He assured that many countries in the development process that face the severe impacts of the climate crisis, such as storms, forest fires, floods and droughts, do not need the reasons to invest in energy. Desarrolladas que les piden que inviertan en renovables no les brindan suficiente apoyo social, tecnico o financiero.

Guterres criticized some of the same nations developed for introducing universal subsidies to fuels and reopening carbon-based thermal power plants, and affirmed that it is difficult to justify these tempo actions.

He added that any subsidy or reopening of carbon thermoelectric plants should be for a specific time and focused on alleviating the energy burden for the poor and promoting the transition to renewable energies.