La Oportonidad Perdida

The debacle of the traditional partisan debates with the Pacton agreement with the PRI and the approval of the Reform in Material Energitétic of 2013. Su derrumbe, no se debió al contenido de reforma y las aleyes, el es, a. The sophistication that we created, through the Pact of Mexico to Mexico, corroborated the cost of resources that pertained to the state.

The far-reaching reform in stabilizing the hydrocarbons as propelled by the Nación, but its great hit was the acceptance of the privatization of private enterprises in the sector. This form, in 2014, was initiated with Ronda Cero, procedurally related to the PEMEX solution, to the SENER, the exploration of the areas explored, explored or the commercial or strategic interiors, prevailing in the special concert. The sequel 1, 2 and 3 in the same series also involved private industry.

In the first round, CNH, the state-owned enterprise Talos Energy, associated with the Mexican Sierra Oil & Gas (part of the Alemana Wintershall) and the British Premier Oil for exploration and evaluation by 70. norea no Ubicada fronte a la zona donde se construye la Refinería de Dos Bocas; Sino que es contigua a la zona de Uchukil, asignada a Pemex en la Ronda Cero. In the period of time and with an equivalence of equivalence to 17% of the prevailing, private operator discovered, in 2017, “Zama” is one of the most important and best quality hallowed in the decoded and decoded.

The problem was solved by two problems: first, because the first encounter with the yacimiento followed by entering into the area between the talus and the ascendant of Pemex, because it was necessary to make a precautionary measure against the other a procedure of the Porque era; And, secondly, because of the rumors that the parastatal or conta with con studios that anticipates the probability of such and such as, the SENER and the CNH, will not allow the dicha área solicitada ceserodain.

This decides, this event, with its hiccups and its rumors, is right at the time of the state regulator’s part of AMLO. For now, if PEMEX studies and anticipates the possibility of the discovery of “Zama” and the SENER and CNH have not been assigned or contracted, there is a precedent for the destruction of the parasite in the dicho; If the designation does not apply to the various distractions of the technical capacities, logistics and finances of PEMEX and, because it is very discretionary, it means that the state of Perdia 40% of the yakimi; If the halalzag is not obeyed by the consortium that it was discovered, since the information was privatized by part of the PEMEX, there is no acceptance of the 40%, there are functions that benefit from it; If this is the case in Ronda 1 of Licenses, how many cases are there? De Esta Pharma no parece una locura autoritaria seyalar a los organos regulador ya administraciones anteriores, revisar la lisitaciones y monitorer las contrataciones. Because of the contraction, it is easy to feel.

Forgiveness of sin, as it is costly in this administration, is the solution to imperfect efficiency. The state of affairs with the mechanics to revise the contradictions and the solution of the contradictions that have been created in the privacy of the seas in the mercado secrets of the gods. la panados de la contrataciones de la reforma y la inversión privada en el sector.

Dicho de otra formo de la opacidad en las decisionas de la Ronda cero, el escandalo de sobranos con la aprobación de las reformas y, el remedio encontrado para sobranía energéca. endeavor and without technology; The political imperative that privileged empires participate favorably in the mercado, and the parliament of the energetic sector in Mexico and its economic benefits. All, because no algodones with a tense sensible, lucrative and strategic like the energetic.