La tecnologia como impulsor de las inversiones digitales – Meczyki

Jose Angel Castillo Sanchez, Director of Technology and Disarrollo NGBM

En los ultimos años la form en la que invertimos ha giveno un giro de 180 grados, ya que con los E-brokerage (casas de bolsa digitales) and new technological solutions, investment advice has become a very common practice in developed countries. Thanks to diverse factors such as the great penetration of the Internet, the easy access to smart phones and the open financial education, it has been achieved that every time there are more investors, especially young people.

El Caso de Mexico

When in Mexico we talk about investments, we have to mention the great technological revolution that took place in the last years in the country and how technology has managed to democratize them. If we analyze the growth of investments and investors in Mexico, we can explain this change due to three factors: the reduction of steps in the process of opening accounts, the ease of access to accounts, the ease of access de acceso de mírmo y.

This is due to the fact that technology helps access to financial products have a very low entry cost and allows offering solutions with greater efficiency and operating them from any location with a single device.

Today, access to a mobile device with Internet connectivity has become a basic necessity for Mexicans, as their telephones have become a strategic ally for their portfolio and have immediate access. In addition to this, the new digital stock market houses are transforming into tools to contribute to the growth of heritage. El tener acceso at todo momento a las investments, la facilidad de acceder a thousands of financial instruments that adjust to the needs of the users from the palm of the hand is very powerful.

These new competitors and their innovations are opening up a range of opportunities for investors who want to generate and manage their heritage. Every time it is more common to meet people who manage their investments through digital platforms, profiling their short, medium and long term objectives, achieving their financial freedom.

En paralero con estos avances, los asesores financiers pueden manage their cartera de clientes de forma independiente, oferer United Nations abanico de oportunidades mucho más amplio y también conectar de forma digital con personas que necesitan asesorías para realisarías su. In this way, not only the people who have knowledge about the investments can do it, but also the investors who require the analysis of the financial instruments and the experience provided by the United Nations asesor de comogestral de la experiencia.

Se ha diminuido la brecha, las inversiones son ahora para todos

Hace unos años el monto mínimo para tener una cuenta en una casa de bolsa no bajaba de los 100 mil mexicanos pesos. This situation provoked that, in the country, no 1.0 percent of the population invested in the stock market, compared to 50 percent of Americans who invested in the stock market in that country. Privilegio para las personas con el conocimiento y acceso para proteger y acrecentar su dinero outside del país.

At the moment, the situation is very different, since several perfectly regulated solutions have emerged with which one can start investing, and the opening process has been greatly simplified. Likewise, he has occasioned un speed up increasing the volume of investors in the country from thousands to millions in only 3 years, so more people have control of their investments. Today, GBM owns 90 percent of the total investment accounts in Mexico, which according to data from the Comisión Nacional Bancaria y de Valores (CNBV) at the end of 2021 had more than 3 pacuentos of the pacuento de 3.

Sin Duda Algona, La Entrada de E-brokerage It has generated a boom in investments in Mexico thanks to the ease of access to a large range of financial products in the palm of the hand in a secure and available way at all times.

Today, the challenge for financial institutions and the digital ecosystem that offers financial services consists of the importance of cyber security, as well as having a friendly application that is easy to understand and easy to understand.