La ‘Toma de Aguascalientes’

In the last five years of the 5th of June, there are 6 federal federations (Aguascalientes, Durango, Hidalgo, Oaxaca, Tamaulipas and Quintana Roo). ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, poco a poco se van conociendo.

From the 3rd of June, the capital of Aguascalientes –in the very beginning of the mobilization of distinguished municipalities – an authentic election of electoral operators.

The young men of the Mexican city, enviados por Morena, Jefa Sheinbaum and Martí Batres, to “intervene” in the elections of this state.

Claudia had received a clara and a point of instruction from her jeff, ‘El Único’, from Palacio: we had to be agaascalientes, we could not perceive.

Encargo was operated to impress the derrota de Morena and aplastar in the final results. AMLO wants a 6–0 and Mario Delgado is not the only one, but he has always been 6–0.

But the numbers in Aguascalientes are very good. A sale of the meaning of the PAN and the Alianza for such an entity, will make the presidential campaign appear.

The search for broken entries has become “preferred”, the consent of all the characters and confessions, Claudia Sheinbaum.

From the capital of the country he mobilized an authentic despair of operators, animators to his, “golpeadors” lists and prepositions to attach casillas, impeded his instincts, rovers urnas, hacker all types and tropositorís.

In every case, provoke those who present the denunciations – to all participants – to replicate the process.

He calculated that two million young people, activists, electorate operators, fueron enviados a aguascalientes ese fin de semana. Hospedados en sencillos hotels, activas and lists to make your 5 year old run.

It could be just the numerical contingent, it could be the treatment of certain elements of identification, colors, colors, or simply the rumor that there was a “fuerza of accusation”. The case is that it quickly corresponds to the rumor that Los cuarteles generales de las partidos.

Queen’s son? ¿De dónde vienen? Qué show off?

The testimonials locally look like groups of well-armed, with uniforms of the color negro, casco, mascara facial, rifles de alto poder, irrumpieron en varios hotel de aguascalientes para detener, interrogar y desalozar a la el fuerte.

Our members, without logotipos, did not treat the state or federal policy, nor much of the National Guardia, their commands commanded that they comply with the point to deactivate the planned operation for the 5th.

We can treat crime commands that do not allow the intimidation of other fuerzas or actors to politicize their entity, which supundr sua their profunda participatory in the doming process 5.

The point is, this is a no-brainer, because of the operators’ capitals, fueron subidos autobuses and envidos de regreso to CDMX, with the amenaza puntual: “si regresan, los quemamos”.

Salieron despised or offered an official introduction to a public meeting before the public ministry, or a queue before the Electoral Tribunal, declaring no hassle, but that his inexplicable presumption would be completely justified.

From the office of Claudia to the plane – a complement to the superior instruments– the ‘Toma de Aguascalientes’, will reveal the process, blocking the triunfo of the Alianza.

No contact with the extra fuerzas internas that interpusieron in his camino.

The fact that Sheinbaum says that her “always completes the ley”, especially the electoral –conceived the hopelessness of the fallow and the sanctity of hope in its conflict by the electoral tribunal for the legal accusations against the fallada – consulting cla There is no election. With all and sundry, the dinosaurs, the mobilization of operators, fall – one more, recruit the derota in the Mexican city – in the “controlling” electoral process of the Aguascalientes.

The caudal toma nota, there is no desperation for the incompatibility of its children, because the literacy does not guarantee capacity and efficiency to complement its instruments.

Alguna Autoridad debiera investigates the foundations of the presupposition of these groups of vassals of the elec- tion, because of the dominance, the journal transcurricular with absolute tranquility in aguascalientes and other entities.