Lanzan “Bolsapp”

To fortify the intersections in the Mexican market in Mexico, Grupo Bolsa Mexicana de Valores (Grupo BMV), which has its CEO José-Oriol Bosch, launches the application “Bolsapp”. Try a strategy to get the participants to interact with the valued interactions with the digital inversion form and promote as the culture and education financing in the country. If used it is one of those people who have the best of their finances or inversions, with this application will be able to reach a specific place where the participants share information, and analyze the mediation of the mediator.

If you want a language that is elegant and clever, then the user does not need to be an expert to utilize it. Además de que en esto se ve un impulso a la educación y Cultura Financiera, con cursos, Podcast, artículos y videos en focados en fomentar la educación financiera con el respaldo y prestigio de la BMV. But the most interesting thing in all of them, is that he could have been contacted by someone from Bolsa to make a connection and convert to Inversionist. The BMV has access to emissions to promote its valves, or the sea in an official or simply offering the inversion of the valves or listings.

For the first time in the history of the country, not only the Mexican merchants, but also the Bolsa Mexican can convert into the ideal dove from the sale of Banamex, because of the inclusion of the BMV in the maneuver. And the transparency, more often than not, that many of us are very interested in what we are looking for in a Citigroup.

Azteca Reconocimiento. After Azteca was reconciled with the puntaje alto entre las Administradoras de Fondos para el Retiro (Afores) for the National Commission of Ahorro for Retiro (Consar). In its Financier Education and Prevention of Afrology, for its programming and Creation to create a financier culture and precedent for the year 2021, and for its strategies and material vigor far beyond 2020.2 billion General

The programs of the Financiera Educational Program, “Learn and Create Afore Azteca”, realized various accusations, including those with e-learning financiers with modules on various pre-service and voluntary volunteer, boletines, sites, cosmetics, volunteer products, -2022, as well as material with digital content for a better future, except that it contained classifieds in three terms and 25 subtems, prioritizing its financier education and not promotional.

¿Sandracuevismo en Morelos? In the political arena this is the foundation and the more senior Senator Lucy Meza has leaked the interior of his part with his anticipation of destiny, pues, even the claras of the battalions that came to the fore, as in the legislature how the loss of the presidential seat creó UN Nuevo E Innesario Front de Batalla.

The prequupa in the 4T is that the goblina Cuauhtémoc is from a fenómeno Sandra Cuevas, there is no doubt that the politeness of Caucasus is a fairy tale that is like an eagle’s graffiti. The parable of the Aztec goddess, if she lives in Guinea. In the group that the impulse hay sonasos cases like Maribel Villegas, who ended up in a rotating electoral fracas, or Lilly Téllez, who was very much against the party and who is a férrera opponent of the AMLO project. Atentos.

Inauguration of Lamborghini. The Lamborghini inaugural event in Monterrey, Nuevo León, on its new exhibit in our country. The potential that is so strong representing Mexico for this brand is the great relevance, to be one of the poorest of the poorest possible investigators and the greatest like for the autistic ones. The renewed espacio ubicado at the commercial center Punto Valle takes advantage of a strategy Advertising personality When prescribing accessories, and exteriors and interiors, any client can decide on their own style. At the event was hosted by Andrea Baldi, CEO of Automobili Lamborghini America, and Martin Josephi, Director General of Lamborghini Mexico.

Sound off. The FIFA has determined that the Aztec Estadia, sea for terrace and the logarithm that will lead to a Copa Mundial.

In the city of Mexico we had two Copas del Mundo, in 1970 and 1986, one of them at the Olympic University Stadium. With this decree from 2026 will be converted into the first capital of the world at the end of the day just for the third time. The most interesting will be the economic derma that represents our country.