‘Las corcholatas’ en plena precampaña – Meczyki

On the 12th of June, Domingo, the part of Morena organized and held a cabo in Toluca an active multitudinario in the explanatory front to the theater Morelos of this city. Acquire the information version of various mediums, showing no results without concurrida as expected by its convocants. Here’s a look at some of the best practices used by practitioners to reunite a lot. Like the PRIs by the PRI hace medio siglo.

Enter other and many practical conventions: the degradation will make people like them if they have things; el pago humillante a los acarreados que por su pobreza lo aceptan; al infamante pase de lista –co si si fueran priseniros — para confirm la presencia de las personas que esperan un beneficio o no ser exculidas de los programas del gobierno. In fact, the practical realities, which are not with a man of intellectual honor can be negated.

Be that as it may, there is no such thing as a superficial knowledge. The conclusion of the declaration ”, as and defined by“ the passer-by ”,“ ventanear ”, defines the image – as the query llamar– the three cartridges entered between the President of the Republic, López Obrador, habrá Design your candidacy for the party. These people are already known as “tapados” and ahora se les llama “corcholatas”. La picaresca politica mexicana parece no tener límites.

This is exactly the style of governing the country that he has used in Russia, including the United States: Claudia Sheinbaum, the Gobier of the Mexican Ciudad, and Aden Augusto López, the Secretary General of the Governorate of Mexico. One of the most respectable people, claques of applicators and propagandists, of those who aspire to the Presidency dejaron numerusos rastros en form de spectaculares, bardas pintadas, vehículos con pantallas montadas con susmbres, etc.

Ninguna duda hay –ni la puede haber– de se se tratat de un acto propagandístico del trío de corcholatas de AMLO.

The General of Electoral Institutions and Procedures (LGIPE) found in its article 226, included in the 2nd issue, which was not recommended in the case of the Commissar for the President of the Republic. “Inario is in the public domain. De la election. (y) There is no longer a long time to live. messages.

This misleading article 226, in its number 3, assumes that the requirements “do not realize the activism of proselitismo or diffusion of propaganda, because of the mediocre, anticipation of precampa ;as; The violation of this disposition – señala la ley– se sancionará con la negativa de registro como precandidato ”.

The proprietary LIGIPE defines what it means to be precise and what propaganda is precisely. In our ambitious concepts perfectly encoding the Toluca del Domingo 12, for the case of the trilogy of “corcholatas”.

Ahora bien, la misma ley, en su artículo 442, numeral 1, señala que “son sujetos de responsabilidad por infracciones comitidas a las electorales contenidas en esta ley”, enter other, “aspirantes expirantes ‘aspirantes’). and popular candidates for the popular election (inciso “c”).

On its own, Article 445, Number 1, of the Migma LIGIPE, requires that “constituent infrastructures of the aspirations (and) precautions are… a popular carcass of elegance”, among other things, a “), inferences that will be sanitized” with the first term of the preceding infractor to be registered as candid “(article 456, number 1, inclusion” c “, fraction III).

Nótese que misma sanción previene ambos preceptos, es decir, los artículos 226 y 445 arriba citados.

No matter if the discus is not clear or descriptive, it is clear and inexplicable that sanity is the key to success and it is not applicable to anyone, it is said, there is no “corcholatas” quienes no lo If, however, there is a competition in a canvas displacement, which is obviously unfair to the eventual competitors of the “corcholatas”.

In this case, the issue has been resolved by the designated resolution of AMLO as the presidential candidate. When it comes to the world enzyma ,l, o ella, y su destapador, se harán las víctimas y despotricarán contra el INE y el TRIFE. Look at the clothes, look at the cabbage. But it was too late.