Late Gran’s knickers will be thrown at Tom Jones at his concert in Cardiff.

The granddaughter of the late Tom Jones’ super fan will bring her knickers to Saturday’s concert in Cardiff in the hope that she will take to the stage with him. From Christy Graham کیرفلی He was very close to his nanny Helen Gauntlett who died in February 2021 and she wanted to bring him to the party with passion.

The 34-year-old said that when Sir Tom Jones appeared for his seat, he pulled out a pair of his nanny’s best knickers to throw towards the stage, as Helen would have done. Christie wrote in large letters on her pants: “These are my non-clean beads. She’s watching from the sky but left them to throw at Tom. Please bring them to her.” She said she also wants to launch the #GetNanasKnickerstoTom hashtag to encourage people in the crowd to help her.

In a Facebook post, she urged anyone in front of her to “get as far down the front as possible”, writing: “I know that if she had been here she would have been swinging her beads for Tom. … She loved him and snatched him in a phone box in Ponty when she was 14. “

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The singing superstar has long been known for his obsession with throwing underwear on stage wherever he performs in concerts. In an interview with the Guardian in 2021, he said: “Bead-throwing began in 1968 in Copacabana, New York. It was a dinner club, so women would give me napkins to clean their foreheads, then One woman decided. Taking a step forward, she stood up and took off her underwear. She picked up everything, took off her beads and handed them to me. I said, ‘Thank you very much’, then wiped her forehead. He said, “Look, you don’t do that. Take a cold,” and returned them.

Christie said she was Helen’s first granddaughter, before she had a total of 10 grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren. The couple had an intimate relationship, which Christie described as “the best woman ever to live.”

“Mary was a huge fan of non-Tom, she passed away tragically in February 2021 and it shook my whole world,” Christie told Wales Online. “She was 75 years old when she died. She was the bravest woman ever. She had lung cancer and she didn’t even sigh. She took it all in her stride and she She died in my arms.

“She always called me her little princess and I am the farthest from the princess you can imagine, but for my bread I was a princess and I was not going to argue with her. She was a bully. Loved watching Roly and Soap, she was so funny and arrogant.

Helen Christie is holding on to her childhood.
(Photo: Handout)
Helen Gauntlet From Kerfley
Helen Gauntlet from Kerfley
(Photo: Handout)

Although Helen has never seen Tom perform live, Christie said that she regularly sings with her hit songs, her favorite being Delilah and UR My World. But Christie said that apart from Tom’s popular music, there could be other personal reasons why his bread is such a big fan.

He said: “She always told me she snatched it from Ponty’s phone box when she was 14. I’ve always believed her, but a lot of people didn’t believe her. Because you know what Nan does with her stories, she was stubborn. “

Christy And Helen
Christy and Helen
(Photo: Handout)
Christie Said She Wants Other People In The Crowd To Help Tom Get His Pants.
Christie said she wants other people in the crowd to help Tom get his pants.
(Photo: Christy Graham)

Christie said throwing a pair of her pants at Tom Jones was exactly what Helen wanted. Christie even thinks that her nanny gave her a sign to show her approval of the project.

He said: “I took all his clothes and kept them with me as he passed. When we booked Tom back in December when he was canceled, I went to his grave and gave him his All I know is that if she had been here with us she would have been there, shaking her hips and swinging her beads and she would have wanted to throw them at Tom, so today my There’s a purpose. The bead of it, it came on the radio. “

Christie will attend the show tonight, Saturday, June 18, at the Principality Stadium with her fianc and cousins. Stereo Phoenix will headline the show with Tom and other Welsh actors.

Christie Said She Was Very Close To Her Nanny.
Christie said she was very close to her nanny.
(Photo: Handout)

“I’m not even worried about the stereo phoenix, we’re just going down to see Tom for our bread,” Christie said. “I’m in the top block. As soon as Tom comes, I’ll throw them as far as I can and hopefully people will keep throwing them and they’ll reach out to Tom – or at least let Tom hear about it.” Will get it. “

Christie said she wanted to convince Tom Jones that he had chosen his nanny’s best pants to go his way. He said: “I had to make sure I chose the best Marks & Spencer, no matter how many knickers she had, otherwise she would be hitting my butt. She was very special about her knickers Was. “

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