Leaked recordings of SNP MPs supporting Grady ‘absolutely unacceptable’ – Sturgeon


Nicolas Sturgeon called the leaked recording of SNP MPs supporting Patrick Grady “absolutely unacceptable” when it was discovered that he had mistreated a member of the party staff.

The Glasgow North MP was suspended from the Commons and the SNP for two days until his suspension was completed after an independent investigation was completed.

Last week, the Daily Mail released an audio recording of the SNP Westminster Group meeting during which leader Ian Blackford said he was looking forward to bringing Mr Brady back and other party members of parliament. Are demanding to support them.

Patrick Grady was suspended by the Commons for two days (Chris McAndrew / Parliament of the United Kingdom / PA) / PA Media

Fellow SNP MPs Amy Callaghan and Marion Fellows also said colleagues should support Mr Grady.

Ms. Kalgan has since apologized for her comments.

In his first comment on the recording, the first minister said, “This is partly because of the way things are done.”

The complainant repeatedly targeted the SNP, for which he is still working, to deal with the issue, saying that his life has been turned into “living hell” and the possibility of legal action has increased. has been given.

Responding to a question from Scottish Conservative leader Douglas Ross on Thursday, Ms Sturgeon said: “From what I have heard, it is clear that the perpetrators of this behavior More concern was expressed.

“I think that’s totally unacceptable and that’s something I’m going to be very clear about.”

Ms Sturgeon also said she had been subjected to two years of “pretty harsh investigation” for “refusing to brush anything under the carpet” – accusing her predecessor Alex of misconduct. Salmond avoids inquiries into mishandling investigations.

Ian Blackford was heard on the recording urging other party MPs to support Mr Brady (PA). / PA Wire

The former minister also said: “All parties have faced this – two (Westminster) by-elections are taking place today because of the attitude of the Conservative MPs.

“It simply came to our notice then. I will – that no one in my position should sit in a glass house and throw stones at these things.

“We have to solve these things when they are born in our own parties. This is what I want to do for the SNP and I think this is what all the leaders should do when it is born in their parties. . “

In response, Mr Ross – who also serves as Murray’s MP – said the by-elections were due to the resignations of the MPs concerned. Imran Ahmad Khan resigned after being convicted of sexually assaulting a teenage boy, and Neil Parsh resigned after viewing pornographic material in the House of Commons.

Mr Ross added: “I know the First Minister wants to talk about other parties and other parts of the country, but the fact is that we have two by-elections today because the Conservative MPs have been suspended. He has resigned from Parliament.

Douglas Ross raises issue in First Minister questions (Jane Barlow / PA) / PA Wire

Patrick Grady has been suspended for 48 hours.

Mr Sturgeon replied: “I think the people who are listening will take me very seriously. I don’t think they heard me trying to do all this about other parties. Yes, but what they must have heard me say is for all of us.

“If I were to stand here and say ‘SNP has no problem here, it’s all about Conservatives or Labor’, I would be showing that I do not understand the systemic nature of these issues.”

The prime minister added that if Mr Ross claimed that such issues were “unique to the SNP”, then “they do not understand the nature of these issues in the military society”.