Learn the Everton Nunes price tag.

An update on Everton target Matthews Nunes has been released regarding how much Sporting wants for its services.

what’s the matter?

According to the Portuguese shop. Record (print edition, August 17, page 8), Through SportslensEverton could land midfield target Matthews Nunes at 17 17 million (مل 20 million) this summer.

Toffee is interested in a deal for the central midfielder and now knows how much Sporting wants in return for his services.

Should Everton sign Noons?





Gomez’s replacement.

One player who was walking out of Godison Park before the end of the window was midfielder Andre Gomez. Benfica has been. With interest In his signature, with his future in the club. uncertainity From time to time.

This suggests that he may leave the club in the coming weeks, if Rafa Benitez decides to remove him from the team. This will open the door for Sporting to sign Noonis as a direct replacement for Gomez.

Nunes is six years younger than the Portuguese international and could offer Everton a higher price in the long run, whether in the form of a potential sale in the future or by playing for the club for several years.

His former teammate Goncalo Santos described his ability with the ball at his feet as incredible and his immense speed as his greatest strength.

He told Liverpool Echo: “In one game, he went on a run that was about 60 meters, it was amazing! People went crazy and everyone was talking about it.

“It’s unbelievable when he has a ball in his foot. No one can catch it. It’s impossible because it’s so fast.

“Matthews is a box-to-box player. He is not as strong as the midfielders in the Premier League but he is very fast. He is very good with the ball because he is a Brazilian boy.

It sheds light on some of the features he could bring to Godison Park and because he can be an interesting signature, his dribbling skills are likely to be able to take fans off their seats. When he gets the ball.

The 22-year-old’s average is solid. Sofa score rating of 6.75 In the 2020/21 campaign in the sports league NOS. He won 56 He lost all his fighting and possession. 5.6. At times per match, Gomez averaged disappointing. Sofa score rating 6.58. He only won the last term of the Premier League. 42 He lost all his fighting and possession. 8.4. Times per match

Although it is impossible to judge the quality difference between the Premier League and Liga NOS, Nuns’ statistics suggest that there is a possibility that Gomez will be included.

However, the 22-year-old has time with him, so if he doesn’t make an immediate impact at the club, there will be no immediate worries.

Marcel Brands, director of Tuffs Football, needs to approve 17 17 million before the window closes on 31 August.

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