Leeds Pundit believes the club have never been in a race to sign Pereira.

Former All Leeds TV presenter. Joe Wayne Man Feels that Leeds United have never been in the race to sign Mathews Pereira, contrary to reports.

Pereira Exchange West Bromwich Albion signed a major deal with Saudi Arabia’s Al-Hilal earlier this month.

The move came after the buggy victims. demotion Brazilian winger in the championship despite notching. 12 goals And six assists last season.

Should Leeds have entered the Pereira race?





Many clubs wanted to keep Pereira in English football, including Leicester City and West Ham United. Named As two interested parties.

According to ESPN BrazilLeeds was kind even at the age of 25. The report reveals that Aston Villa and Crystal Palace entered the race to sign Pereira before he joined Al Hilal.

However, Just the football show. Anchorman Wayne Mann has denied claims that the Eland Road transfer was ever on the cards, although he questions why boss Marcelo Belsa did not take an interest in the winger.

He told the football fan cast: “I was shocked when we heard from Pereira’s agent that Leeds was not in touch at all.

“I know there were some Premier League clubs but the fact that we never talked was a bit surprising because I think it would fit well.

“I understand why he went abroad – that’s it. It’s money for him and that kind of money can’t be sniffed.

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