Legal fees will be deducted if a boy’s finger is lost during ice skating.

A young man whose little finger slipped and fell on an ice rink was cut off to the first nose and another skater ran over his hand, setting the High Court set for تمام 32,500 “all figures”. Has done

The High Court on Monday estimated the total legal costs in the case at € 8,445, leaving more than € 24,000 for the 16-year-old boy.

The court had originally proposed 20,000 euros in damages for the boy, with a legal cost of 12,500 euros, but Mr Garrett Simmons adjourned the case to allow the child’s lawyer to consider the matter. Be allowed to submit content to help. There should be adequate funding for legal expenses.

The boy, who was eight years old at the time of the accident in 2013, lost the upper part of his little finger in the first lap of his left hand in an accident at Donigal Ice Rink. The little finger of his left hand is now 17 millimeters smaller than the little finger of his right hand.

Mr Justice Garrett Simmons ordered the boy not to be identified, saying he had been involved in a traumatic accident and had lost the permanent shape of his left arm.

The judge adjourned the case after a settlement was reached between the boy’s father, who had then sued Ice Rink operators, New Town Cunningham, against R&A Laser Limited in Donegal.

In a ruling Monday, Mr. Justice Simmons stated that several representations were made by the lawyers representing the defendant to resolve the case, the first of which was € 7,500 in damages and € 7,500 in legal costs. But were broken. The judge said his request to accept the settlement was rejected on the grounds that the amount of damages did not reflect a reasonable settlement.

Further negotiations took place, the judge said, and two better offers were made, the latest of which was offered with a total figure of € 32,500, estimated at € 20,000 and legal costs of € 12,500.


Mr Justice Simmons said the court had expressed concern that the amount proposed for legal costs appeared to exceed the level of damages. The judge said the proposed settlement conditions in the case were unusual as the parties did not anticipate any formal decision on costs.

“Instead, it is suggested that more than one-third of the amount paid for a minor plaintiff’s personal injury claim be paid for expenses. The court has a responsibility to protect the juvenile’s interests.” It is important to consider where the proposed amount is reasonable.

Mr Justice Simmons said there was a real possibility that the claim would be rejected if it went to trial.

The potential financial cost of the lawsuit was so high that the judge ruled that it would be € 35,000 to € 45,000 and that it should have been brought to Circuit Court.

Mr Justice Simmons said the reasonable amount to be recovered in respect of the lawyer was € 2,480 plus VAT.

Citing attorney’s professional fees, the judge said the account statement charged him € 4,600 plus VAT, but a legal expense accountant suggested € 9,500. The judge said no attempt was made by the legal costs accountant to explain how the figures were calculated.

The judge said he concluded that the reasonable amount for the lawyer’s fee would be € 2,500 plus VAT, and said this reflected the fact that the workload in the case was shared with the lawyer. The rest of the legal costs bill included specialist professional fees, drafting of documents and other items.

The judge also noted that the paperwork prepared from the case, including expert reports and petitions, was minimal and less than eighty pages long.

€ 24,054 damages will be kept in court until the boy reaches 18 years of age.